Raikhy Golf Launches a Revolutionary Golf Glove, HYPAVENT , with an AirVent for an Optimized Fit and Solid Grip

Hypavent is a new innovation in golf gloves, With a Patent Pending concept of an AirVent in the glove. A refreshing new entry in a category which has not seen any major innovation for a long time.


Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/25/2018 --Raikhy Golf has come up with an all-new hybrid glove that has been designed with an AirVent. The AirVent removes air gaps in the palm, which are formed while gripping the club. The air exits from the vent, optimizing fit & maximizing grip on the club. The AirVent is strategically located between the thumb & index finger for optimum functionality.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, "The idea came from a torn glove that had a much better grip. This led to a lot of testing and it was found that it is the undulating shape of the palm which ends up creating air pockets in the palm area. HYPAVENT was designed with an AirVent that removes these air gaps in the palm to give an optimum fit & maximized grip. We are hopeful that golfers will try the glove and see the astonishing results."

The AirVent is located between the thumb and the index finger. Further, this air vent also helps in ventilation and ensures quick drying of the glove post use. This, in turn, ends up maintaining the shape and durability of the leather.

HYPAVENT has now been launched on the Indiegogo platform which is one of the top platforms for all kind of new and innovative products. Raikhy Golf is offering golfers to book this glove at 40% off the retail price on Indiegogo. The campaign offers a price of 28$ for 3, heavily discounted from the 48$ retail price. The campaign can be found on

The response has been overwhelming and through the indiegogo campaign , golfers will be able to get the glove & feel the difference. After the campaign , the glove would be available for 15.99$ for 1 & 48$ for 3 from 1st Jan 2019 , through fulfillment by Amazon on