Randolph Animal Hospital

Randolph Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic Handles Emergency Services for Many Breeds

Streamlined, modern approach and emergency care for a wide range of animals and conditions is key at Randolph Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic


Randolph, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2014 --Randolph Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic of Randolph, Vermont is ready to serve the community at large with an expanded selection of services and emergency care for the furry and feathered friends and family members who need it most. An updated patient intake system and breed list extension makes Randolph Animal Hospital an easy solution for owners who need special care for their special creature at a moment’s notice, or are looking for a modern way to provide ongoing, regular care for the beloved family pet. Their computerized appointment system allows the well-trained staff to more efficiently schedule appointments and check-ups.

In addition to the increased convenience and efficiency of the digital scheduling system, emergency cases are admitted anytime the clinic is open. Anytime a pet is injured or experiences trauma, or an owner feels that an emergency health situation is at hand, all that is needed is a quick advance call so that the team can be at the ready when pet and owner arrive at the facility. If it’s impossible to call beforehand, the emergency care staff will still be able to admit and treat the animal. A preemptive call simply allows time for brief counselling and preparation for arrival.

About Randolph Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic
Randolph Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic has a veterinarian and full complement of personnel on duty at the clinic 6 days a week. The team is well-trained, capable of handling any urgent care situation for any pet. Normally, the emergency care squad consists of one or more veterinarians assisted by a team of technicians who work in concert to save an animal’s life. Emergency situations can range from snail bait poisoning and chocolate ingestion to being hit by a car. Never hesitate to call or head to the clinic immediately if any pet requires emergency treatment. Taking the time to call if possible allows the emergency care team to discuss the details of the situation and provide extra preparation time.

The staff is also available for urgent care for non-life-threatening situations. If a pet requires urgent attention before a scheduled appointment, the Randolph Animal Hospital team will work diligently to find time between previously scheduled appointments. The variety of veterinarians practicing at Randolph Animal Hospital can treat dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, reptiles, birds, small farm animals and more. It’s important to call ahead whenever possible to ensure that the doctors present are able to perform the services needed.

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