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Rapid Cool Announces Industrial and Commercial Misting Fans at Lowest Prices of the Season

Rapid Cool, a leader in mist cooling solutions, announces end of season sale for industrial and commercial misting fans.


Valencia, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/02/2014 --Rapid Cool, the country's leading misting fan, http://www.rapidcool.com/misting-fans.html, supplier, is helping industrial and commercial environments keep workers and machinery cool. The summer season may be ending, but workplaces and commercial environments still endure heat from the high-temperature machinery.

The specifically designed 1700 series misting fans for industrial and commercial mist cooling provide quality, performance and durability. These industrial misting fans, http://www.rapidcool.com/misting-fans.html, reduce heat fatigue of operators who work alongside hot machinery. Employees will be more productive and have reduced health issues due to lower stress in the work environment.

Cooling a large warehouse can present a challenge, especially cost-wise. With many different misting fans available on the market, a buyer can choose from many options. However, many fans available today are made from plastic and do not last. In addition, many locations offer online ordering only for the customer to buy too much and potentially harm machinery.

Misting fans work by evaporative technology. Evaporation is when mist from the nozzles evaporates immediately upon leaving the nozzle, as opposed to allowing the water particles to make contact with people or objects. Although the water evaporates instantaneously, it can reduce the temperature indoors by 20-25 degrees.

However, if a customer purchases too many fans, condensation will build up inside the warehouse or facility, which could damage equipment and possibly lead to injuries at work. Rapid Cool has long offered personalized help for customers that need misting fans. We offer a misting design consultation to help customers find the right amount of fans they will need for the environment they would like to cool.

Rapid Cool’s 1700 series of misting fans are now at the lowest prices of the season. The all-metal construction misting fans are quiet, oscillate, have three speeds, have mist rings made of stainless steel and include mist nozzles. The design of our fan blades amplifies airflow while decreasing noise.

Commercial mist cooling, http://www.rapidcool.com/applications_workplace.html, fans allow employers to keep the environment cool enough for employees employed in some of the hottest facilities across the nation. They are able to perform their jobs effectively without enduring health issues.

Using misting fans ensures a controlled atmosphere for equipment, and prevents temperature and humidity damage to raw materials like wood and paper. When customers order the right amount of fans, they provide a way to reduce static electricity, which may avoid a dangerous explosion in some environments.

Visit http://www.RapidCool.com/misting-fans.html for more information.

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