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Rare Coin Wholesalers, a S.L. Contursi Company, Announces the Addition of a Houston, Texas Branch to Create Innovative Opportunities for Clients

Steven L. Contursi, President of Rare Coin Wholesalers (RCW), and one of America’s most respected and renowned numismatic traders, recognized for his achievements in purchasing and selling two of the three most expensive rare coins, selects Daniel Lee, CEO of Liquid Bullion Coins and Collectibles and professional numismatist of 18 years, specializing in U.S. rare coins and bullion, as Senior Numismatist heading the new Houston, Texas branch of RCW.


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/29/2015 --Rare Coin Wholesalers specializes in United States rare coins whose principals have bought and sold over a billion dollars in rare coins and carries the largest of truly rare, U.S. coin inventory in the country, announces the opening of a Houston, Texas branch. Daniel Lee, CEO of Liquid Bullion Coins and Collectibles of Houston, Texas, will become the head of this branch commencing on August 1, 2015.

The combined expertise of Rare Coin Wholesalers and Liquid Bullion CAC, presents a substantial advantage that will result in increased investment and business opportunities for collectors, dealers and investors.

"This new relationship allows us to provide an elevated level of support to our clients", said Steven Contursi. "With a branch location in the center of the country, we can now get to most cities in less than four hours. This will certainly help to improve customer service. Mr. Lee will also represent RCW at more of the national coin shows."

An established office that serves as an extension of the RCW brand in Houston, Texas, with a principal member of the team who can represent Rare Coin Wholesalers, is essential to enhancing the client experience.

"Becoming a member of the RCW team will allow me to fulfill a career objective by dealing in our nation's most valuable rare coins", said Daniel Lee. "To have access to the largest U.S. rare coin inventory, will allow me to spread my numismatic wings."

About Rare Coin Wholesalers
Steven Contursi, President of Rare Coin Wholesalers of Irvine, California, turned his passion of collecting coins at the age of seven years old into a successful family business. His career as a professional numismatist has made him a curator to some of our country's greatest national treasures. Mr. Contursi made international headlines following the sale of what is believed to be the first silver dollar made by the United States for $7.85 million. He also owned the first gold coin made for the U.S., the Unique 1787 Brasher Doubloon. The coin was sold by Steven in December 2011, which eventually sold for nearly $7.4 million to a Wall Street investment firm.

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About Liquid Bullion Coins and Collectibles
Located in Houston, Texas, Liquid Bullion CAC, was founded by brothers Daniel and George Lee. The Lee brothers built a solid foundation of integrity and have a great reputation in the local Houston and national markets through successful transactions that total an approximate $100 million in rare coins and bullion since March 2009.

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