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Rasovai School Announces Dates for Meditation Teacher Training in India


Pernem, Goa -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2017 --Meditation is a practice that initiates a dialogue with the inner self and brings you to the present moment. It helps in leaving the external inhibitions aside and adopt a brand new consciousness replete with self-awakening. Given the hectic lifestyle, the daily stress and strain of the modern ways of living, Rasovai School offers meditation teacher training in India. These trainings which will be organized from March 2018 in Goa, aim to provide the participants with highly effective tools and a deep precinct of calm and self-healing. The meditation teacher training courses have been inspired from ancient Indian scriptures and adapted to suit modern demands.

Understanding Rasa Yoga Vigyan

One of the most standout features of this 100-hour meditation teacher training course is the fact that it is deeply embedded in the rich ancient traditions. The training has been designed from the ancient texts of Rasa Yoga Vigyan. "Rasa Yoga Vigyan" literally translates to the juice of life, thereby, helping the participants to get a comprehensive picture of life in its various colors and dimensions. Emotions and actions drive the earthly existence and often it is the balance between the two that helps one achieve equilibrium. The meditation sessions at Rasovai helps in understanding and practicing on how to achieve exactly this balance in totality.

The Universal Appeal of Meditation Training

The meditation training courses organized are not only suitable for aspiring teachers but also practitioners of all levels. In fact, there are no age restrictions as well at this meditation school in India. It will not only guide on how to be professional meditation teachers but also help students in developing their own practice. Experienced working professionals too can use meditation effectively to not only handle stress but also improve the overall job focus and boost their efficiency. In many ways, it can become one of the best tools for the long-term benefits in life and workplace.

The meditation course will also not only offer a window of awareness about ones deepest inhibitions but also their deepest fears. There will be different types of classes for individuals with different meditative needs and potentials. These sessions not only help the participants to accept their current state but also provides them the strength to take up future challenges with better conviction and greater confidence. For example, the stress levels experienced by an adult or a professional are very different from that experienced by new practitioners. This is why the course offers a complete package that addresses the needs of different types of individuals and groups.

About Rasovai School
Rasovai School, which is located near the beautiful Ashwem beach in Goa. The school is also known for their Ayurvedic massage training courses. The scientific training method and the deep spiritual element of their courses make it ideal for everyone. Their courses invite people practically from any walk of life to come and experience the magic of wellness in a fulfilling fashion. To know more about their course, one can visit their website.