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RBD Lineboards Are the World's First Boards Designed to Stay Balanced and Jump on a Slackline


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2016 --Lineboard, the world's first boards specifically designed to be used with a slackline, is currently live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Slacklining has grown in popularity in the last years and to take advantage of this growing trend, the Lineboard has been introduced. The Lineboard is a balance board that has been specifically designed to be used with a slackline. Users choose two spaced anchor points and adjust the slackline to the height and tension of their choice. Depending on the slackline type and setup, users can get more or less bounce. The slackline then becomes a kind of ''rail'' on which users can balance and bounce with their lineboard. Stall, press, jump, airs, spins, grabs or flips are all possible with the Lineboard.

"I've always been passionate for board sports and, in 2007, I started slacklining to practice my balance. After a while, I thought that it would be awesome to have a board that would allow someone to balance and jump on a slackline," says founder and CEO Rejean Boyer, "I've looked for existing products and found nothing, so I decided to make my own slackline balance board, which I later called ''the lineboard''. I've been inspired by skateboards, snowboards and all the rails that are so popular in skate/snow parks."

"Lineboarding is a paradigm shift for many slackliners as it uses the slackline in a completely different way. The goal is not to stay on the slackline as long as possible without falling out," adds Boyer, "The slackline is used as a bouncing ''rail'' and, same as on a skateboard/snowboard rail in a park, the rider can jump on the slackline, do some moves/tricks and jumps out on the ground. With the different possible setups, there is endless potential."

In addition to using on a slackline, a ''hardline'' is a rigid and linear object on which users can also user their lineboards. Users will not have the bounce of the slackline, but because of the bindings and the design of the Lineboard, they can make different moves and train their balance on these kinds of objects. A wooden beam, a small wooden stair, a picnic table or any similar object may become an obstacle to do some jibbing with the Lineboard.

The LINEBOARD™ Original SlackLINE Balance Board is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About RBD Boards Inc.
RBD Boards inc., founded in 2015, is born from a passion for board sport innovations and from the seek of new sensations. Riding is also about being with friends, being free and expressing yourself thru your own style. Our mission is to design innovative board related products who will bring new sensations and create memories. Based in Québec province, Canada, RBD is known for having invented and marketed the first slackline balance board, the Lineboard™.

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