R.D. Murray Signal App

R.D. Murray Signal App Released on Google Play and iOS


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2017 --Recently launched on Google Play and iOS, the R.D. Murray app helps railroad workers improve safe travel thru signal compliance recognition. Developed by NORAC certified licensed conductor RD Murray, vipetv.com, and Reflective Layer, the very first signal app downloadable for smart devices is here. The application follows NORAC railroad signal protocol. Enthusiasts and railroad buffs, as well as signal workers, are encouraged to exercise and sharpen their knowledge with the RD Murray Signal app.

The app developed for users to concentrate while testing their awareness of rail signs thru timed modules and exam. But be careful, one wrong move and "your fired" is generated by the system. Starting from the beginning and trying again is usually the app users delight when exercising with the R.D. Murray Signal app. The app follows eastern corridor railroad signal protocol and functions within the parameters of NORAC guidelines which coaches the app users understanding of signs.

Train, stay alert, and have fun is what makes the R.D. Murray Signal app the first and only application for conductors, engineers, and general railroad compliance workers. App users learn and train on the go while using a tool to refresh knowledge of railroad signs. The exam module in the R.D. Murray Signal app sharpens skills of rail sings with intense down to the wire precision, utilizing accurate information for app users who like to exercise brain waves.

The R.D. Murray Signal app is designed to help conductors, engineers, and signal rail workers, who follow NORAC protocol, training exercises for alert sign recognition during high-speed travel. It provides alertness with accurately timed exams to condition knowledge while entertaining app users with prizes and rewards for successful attempts.

When traveling at high speeds rail workers must be aware of signals to increase safety. The R.D. Murray Signal app helps conductors and engineers prepare for those decisive moments. Download the R.D. Murray Signal app and play friendly competitions with digital flash cards for rail signs. Preparation for certification exams thru the training tutorials takes users from novice to expert.

About R.D. Murray Signal App
Partnered with the developers at Reflective Layer the R.D. Murray Signal App uses standard eastern corridor NORAC compliance guides to help sharpen app users awareness of rail signals. With timed exams, the user is able to alertly challenge their awareness for training and recreational activity.

For more information visit http://apps.reflectivelayer.com/apps/signals_app/.

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