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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/23/2016 --Travel businesses are always looking for new ways to market their services. Traditional advertising is costly and beyond the means of most mid-sized and small businesses. The internet is crowded with a lot of competition. Personal marketing through emailers and SMS is not as effective. The open rates and responses remain extremely low.

Many travel businesses are now turning to online directories, which are giving them new hopes. A travel directory such as can indeed be very effective. Registration is free. There is a paid service too, the costs of which are quite affordable because it comes at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising and internet marketing. Just introduce your business properly, and you can easily reach thousands of customers.

An online directory is a place that list businesses online by categories. Biphoo, for instance, has separate lists for travel, real estate, automobiles, clothing, food, legal services, clothing, health services, jobs, furnishings, transportation, and much more. Businesses are categorized by size, activity or location. These directories have become popular among consumers as well, because they can find hundreds of businesses at one place. There is rating and feedback too, which helps them choose.

These directories are like the traditional yellow pages. But since they are online, the reach is much wider. Businesses from around the world can get themselves enlisted. Consumers from all corners of the world can find the right company.

Travel businesses are always looking for new customers. But they need to find other travel agents too, and also hotels, resorts, activity providers, and car rentals so that they can strike a partnership with these businesses. offers good value here too. Just browse through the right category, find from the list of travel companies, see the reviews and ratings, contact information, and you can reach out easily. There are businesses from all around the world.

All businesses have been categorized efficiently, so the directory is easy to work with. Finding, reviewing, contacting… everything is easy and fast here. This is why thousands of travel businesses have already registered themselves at the online directory. You can list travel agency online at Biphoo as well. publishes a lot of travel stories and articles as well, which are well-written pieces. Readers love these travelogues or information-rich articles that detail new destinations, key attractions, how to reach there, what to do, and other things. The stories and articles often come with attractive pictures too. There is thus good readership too at Biphoo.

When you list travel agency at the directory, many of these readers may end up seeing your profile page, and may even share your information with their friends and family. This means, additional traction for your travel business. A microsite at the Biphoo travel directory usa can include information about your business, contact details, information on packages, destination details, pricing, pictures, and more.

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