READ MYI Launched to Create a Book Sellers Social Marketplace Where Readers Monetize Influence

An innovative peer-to-peer social book sales platform launches to allow users the joy of recommending books to their friends while receiving rewards.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2017 --Launched first as a hub for great books, READ MYI ups the ante on finding a good read with cash. Created to put marketing in the hands of readers, the new peer-to-peer book recommendation and sales platform rewards users for their influence online and beyond. Buy a book, share the platform-generated link, get paid every time a friend or family member buys it. Simple, about time, and on point for making reading social, fun, and profitable.

So how does the BUY, SHARE, EARN process work? To bring brand awareness to the fore, READ MYI allows social influence to fuel book-buying choices. New titles are offered at a discount at on any number of subjects from fiction to self-help. With zero commitment, when a book lover buys a book, a personalized link with an MYI button is generated that they can share on their social media accounts or in a personal e-mail. When their connections buy the book via that link and MYI button, they are given a 6% commission. But it doesn't stop there. When friends of friends purchase the book, the original user gets a 5% reward. Then, a 3% commission is added for third tier friends who make a purchase as well. Welcome to the new age of MYI - "Monetize Your Influence." Welcome to a win/win/win.

Dmitriy Khmaladze, the CTO of READ MYI, said of the functionality of the book sellers platform, "Basically, everyone with an MYI button gets a commission when a recommended book is purchased. And, depending on where you are in the chain, you stand to make quite a bit of money just by buying the books you would have already purchased. The commission chain is unlimited."

Combining customized peer-reviews, product referrals, and sales commissions to give the power back to the people, READ MYI sets a new trend. Able to handle billions of active users, the discount book buying hub encompasses multiple currencies, user balances, and is essentially its own bank. The full e-Commerce platform is also an example of what social media can do to help vendors save on un-targeted marketing.

Khmaladze adds, "The best sales people are customers; we say let them be your advertising and PR department. By providing sellers a place to directly sell their product, we eliminate the need to pay for costly legacy ads which lack peer-to-peer personal influence. Instead, money can be spent on commissions for buyers. It decreases advertising cost and increases the audience who ultimately sees the recommendation. Vendors should give buyers discounts and incentives while increasing their chances of being seen in any number of venues."

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READ MYI is owned by parent company Agnicore Inc. At the behest of the design and development company, READ MYI affords consumers a place to monetize their personal reading choices.

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