Readers Can Order Products Instantly Using the FlipHTML5 Digital Catalog Software

FlipHTML5 allow users to add links to their digital catalogs and help readers navigate through products and place their orders instantly.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/15/2019 --Digital catalogs help enterprises showcase products and build their credibility online. But that just isn't enough, the way they design those catalogs matters a lot. Catalogs should have explicit messages and great visuals that will help them strengthen their brands. E-commerce shoppers get attracted to high-resolution product images, rich content and detailed specifications of the products. FlipHTML5 can help enterprises and marketers accomplish these goals through their digital catalog software. The software enables users to design catalogs with beautiful images, straightforward product descriptions, persuasive videos and audios, product and page links and much more to guide shoppers in their buying decisions.

"Our software has all the tools needed to catch the eye of every consumer online," said Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipHTML5. "Adding images, video presentations and other animations to products allows audiences to get a better understanding of the products and their benefits. Users can customize various products to address specific consumer needs. Satisfied consumers are likely to purchase products and come back again for future purchases or share users' brands with others."

The digital catalog software allows users to create bookcases where they can display their catalogs and update or change content information any time. They can brand the bookcase and the catalogs with their logos to impress their readers. Presenting their bookcase like an endless aisle will help customers browse through an entire lineup of products offered in the e-catalogs. The bookcase serves as a content management system that enables readers to access brand information as well as product details to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

"Digital catalogs allow consumers to order products instantly using a simple click," continued Mr. Zhang. "They can use the search option or embedded links to navigate through the catalogs to locate the items they want without having to flick through pages. Publishing e-catalogs in different versions and different languages encourages more visitors to relate with their products and brands increasing brand adherence and conversions."

FlipHTML5 rewards users with multiple options for publishing their e-catalogs. They can create their personal homepages and share them with their audiences, embed bookcases into their websites or have their readers subscribe to their catalogs and receive automatic updates. They can also engage readers on the various social networks, make their catalogs SEO friendly or publish them to the FlipHTML5 cloud. The sharing avenues are endless with FlipHTML5. Users can design their catalogs for readers to access on any device including smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, iPhones, iPads and many more.

About FlipHTML5
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