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Real Estate Expert Offers Those That Are Fed Up with Donald Trump a New Life Abroad

Donald Trump has divided the country like no other President has ever done in history, but now, for those that are fed up and worried about their future, Richard Butler an experienced 36-year property developer of coastal resorts and residential developments is offering a new exciting life.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2017 --November 8, 2016, is a date that many believe is one of the darkest dates in history with the election of Donald Trump as President. Many celebrities threatened to leave the USA and move abroad in protest. Although those celebrities didn't take up their threats tens of thousands of Americans have said they want to leave. Richard Butler, an experienced 36-year property developer of coastal resorts and residential developments, has announced a new exciting opportunity for people fed up of the doom and gloom of the USA to start a new life in a South Sea Tropical Island.

Richard Butler has launched one of the most exciting offers in real estate history by launching what he has called the Great Escape Sale, providing people with a new life in a tax friendly nation by property investment and apply and receive permanent residency availed to approved applicants who can invest in income producing agriculture farm-lets that produce a passive income for just US$99,950. The Republic of Vanuatu hidden away in the South Pacific. South of Fiji, North of New Zealand, and East of Australia is waiting to welcome people who want to get as near to heaven without actually leaving planet earth.

The tax-friendly environment gives people what they really want. A beautiful place to live, with an amazing climate, and a life that most people can only dream of. On top of that, there is no personal or corporate taxation, no death duties, and no capital gains tax, which means, what people have earned and saved is there's, and no Donald Trump government will take it away.

Richard Butler said: "The coastal waterfront real estate we offer both for investment and permanent residential all comes with the azure blue waters, the crystal clear blue skies, the whitest clouds you could imagine. Your vision will be attracted by great and drop-dead movie-like scenic coastlines: sandy beaches backed by lofty rainforest-covered mountains."

The Vanuatu Government is looking to attract genuine investors from all around the world and entice them to move to their magical Island. With a lower cost of living, with a passive income and an opportunity to increase wealth, this opportunity is as big as when Australia first sent out calls for people from around the world to move there to make the nation what it is today.

To learn more about the opportunity and why it has gained the attention of people from around the world, and why it could be the best move an American has ever made, please visit

About Richard Butler
Richard Butler who can be reached on is an experienced 36-year property developer of coastal resorts and residential developments who in 2008 discovered the amazing Republic of Vanuatu hidden away in the South Pacific for 3 years he was the Trade commissioner for the Republic of Vanuatu to Australasia.