REAL: Smart Active Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth HiFi Sports Earphones Launch


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/06/2017 --A new earphone product is set to hit the market which promises to be the future of music technology. The REAL headphones will allow listeners to enjoy music at high quality, whilst also protecting the wearer's ears from harmful damage.

Smart active noise-cancelling technology

The tech in the earphones helps to prevent damage to the ears and also eliminates various other problems associated with noise in the background. In noisy environments, listeners can often turn their music up too loud in order to try to hear it – accidentally exceeding the 85dB range which leads to hearing loss and irreversible damage.

6,000 traffic deaths in the US in 2016 were caused by earphones – as listeners turned the volume up too high and missed other important warning signals. With the smart active component of the technology, these important noises will not be missed by wearers.

A BTN algorithm transforms the noise band into neutralized sound, which means it is converted to the ears at less than 65dB, no matter the environment.

Use for sports and personal calls

A microphone built into the earphones ensures that sound quality will always be at the highest possible level. It collects the noises and converts them into hi-fi sound quality in an instant.

This technology will also help those who use their earphones to answer calls in busy or noisy environments. The voice of the person on the other end will be much clearer, with other noises from the background pushed out of the way.

As for sports lovers who enjoy running or other physical activities whilst wearing their earphones, the REAL earphones are a perfect choice.

They support Bluetooth 4.1 technology and can also decode high-definition audio coding such as Apt-X and AAC. This means that runners can exercise without wires, which are often very problematic when working out or moving to stay fit.

The ergonomic earlaps and flexible earplugs, made from silicone, will also prevent pain in the ears or any chance of the earphones falling out on their own. After using them, a magnetic point on the back of each earlap allows them to be collected securely without dangling.

The earphones are lightweight at just 28g, sweat resistant, waterproof, and easily portable, with wires that will not tangle or become damaged.

The new REAL earphones are due to begin mass production in November and will be shipping worldwide in December 2017.