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Reality TV Tunes in to YouTube for Ideas, Characters, Content

Reality TV Producers and Network Executives Cherry Pick Trending YouTubers For New Shows


Orinda, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2014 --Everybody who's anybody in the Reality TV Business is in Santa Monica, California this week, attending Real Screen West, a leading reality TV industry conference. In it's sixth year, the conference is expected to bring together over 1,000 reality television creators, producers and service providers along with network executives and buyers, essentially deciding what the reality television viewing public will be watching in the year to come.

Or, perhaps these decisions have already been made by real people watching successful characters, or YouTubers, on the world's fourth most popular website.

One such YouTuber is "CoasterDad" Will Pemble, the now-famous "World's Coolest Dad," who built a roller coaster in the backyard for his kids. Pemble documented the process on his YouTube Channel and website. Through his videos, blog, and worldwide news coverage, The CoasterDad Project has been enjoyed by millions. "The success of CoasterDad is a thrill ride all it's own," says Pemble. "I made the videos and the website as professionally as I could, and I try to follow a format that keeps viewers engaged. Basically, I try to do what I see on television."

YouTubers, as they're called, not only have instant access to broadcast facilities, but are also able to see realtime analytics, including viewer demographics, geographics, as well as the viewership numbers. The combination of artistic freedom and scientific analysis of a video's performance gives the YouTuber nearly all the tools required to build a successful "show." It's no surprise that the Reality TV Industry has turned it's eye to up and coming YouTubers like Pemble for development of their next big hits. "It's incredible to think my project could turn into a TV show," says Pemble.

"The digital space is a tool that we use to develop and test reality talent and concepts," says Eric Schotz, President and CEO of LMNO Productions, a leading producer of reality television programming. "Our team at LMNO continually scours the web looking for raw talent, amazing stories, and ideas which allow us to be more nimble and efficient in our reality TV development process." Mr. Schotz further pointed out that while YouTube success may be one indicator of potential, it is by no means a sure-fire way of predicting a hit on TV. "Based on extensive research, views online do not automatically translate to ratings. At least not yet," said Schotz.

About LMNO Productions, Inc.
Headed by Emmy award-winning President and CEO, Eric Schotz, LMNO is one of the foremost providers of reality, documentary, informational and entertainment programming for network, cable and syndicated television.

About The CoasterDad Project
What began as a father-son backyard project has grown into a worldwide science education phenomenon. The well known story of how Will Pemble created The CoasterDad Project when his son asked him to build a backyard roller coaster, looks to be just the beginning of Pemble's journey into the world of "Physics, Family and Fun. The CoasterDad Project offers ideas, information, and products in support science education and family."