ReclaimAbility Gives Pain Management Advice for the Holidays

Physicians discuss how patients can reduce pain and reclaim hope by setting & maintaining boundaries during the holiday season


Mt Laurel Township, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2021 --The company's theme this month is Learn & Inspire: reclaim hope amidst difficult circumstances. One of the recommendations from the physicians is to remain present, avoiding the urge to get lost in the past and future. For patients with chronic pain, they mentioned that it can be useful to consider the progress that has been made, but comparing oneself to past circumstances can be counterproductive, especially considering the obstacles that have arisen from the pandemic. Likewise, thinking about the future removes a patient's focus from what can be done on a daily basis to improve, making it harder to achieve long-term progress. They advise patients to think about what they can do each day to take incremental steps forward.

The team then emphasized the importance of setting boundaries & communicating with loved ones, especially during the holidays. Everyone is often called upon more by family & friends during this time of year, so the ReclaimAbility physicians recommend patients listen to their bodies, understand their limits, and clearly communicate boundaries that they set based upon those limits. This creates an understanding that can both prevent conflict moving forward and make sure patients don't overextend themselves.

With the new year fast approaching, they also mentioned the use of specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound (SMART) goals for those that want to set objectives or intentions for 2021. The team prefers SMART goals because people often set unrealistic resolutions, leading to inaction and disappointment. More holiday pain management tips are available on ReclaimAbility's Instagram & Facebook pages.

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