ReclaimAbility Physician on Using Momentum as Pain Management Tool

Dr. Wong talks about forming positive habits for a successful start to the new year.


Mt Laurel Township, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2021 --ReclaimAbility runs a series with a different doctor discussing a new theme every month. For the start of the new year, the company sought the expertise of Dr. Natalie Wong, a board-certified, fellowship-trained physician. The theme is Learn & Revive: Create and Sustain Momentum. In ReclaimAbility's blog, Dr. Wong referenced being active, ergonomics, and the opportunity a new year presents when looking at how patients can generate momentum in 2021.

For patients with chronic pain, Dr. Wong advises they find a way to keep their bodies moving, with realistic limits and expectations. She acknowledged that when committing to improving a specific part of their lives, people often take an extreme approach, instead of slowly building confidence and ability. Dr. Wong recommends patients remain active each day, even if that's not for an extensive period of time. She reminds her patients that incremental progress is the key to long-term results.

Dr. Wong also talked about ergonomics, with many people still working from home. She tells patients to make sure that their bodies are in line when sitting at a desk, as well as the need to clear walking paths—two preventative measures against unnecessary pain & injury. Dr. Wong emphasizes the idea that pain management doesn't have to be incredibly complicated and there are many small actions patients can take to improve their circumstances.

Commenting on the common practice of new year's resolutions, Dr. Wong believes that writing goals down is an incredibly important step for patients trying to shift their lives in order to better manage pain. She mentioned that writing down specific steps and actions that can be taken in order to achieve a desired outcome makes patients more likely to form a habit. Dr. Wong encourages patients to consider the value in minute, everyday actions and find consistency in order to develop lasting momentum.

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