ReclaimAbility Staff Members on What They're Thankful for This Holiday Season

Team members appeared on camera in short videos to talk about where their gratitude is coming from this year.


Mt Laurel Township, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/25/2020 --ReclaimAbility runs a monthly series to highlight the staff. This month, the organization showcased team members from all corners of ReclaimAbility through short videos where the staff was tasked to answer one question: what are you thankful for? The responses ranged, showcasing the deep passion of the staff for patients and allowing the audience to learn more about individual staff members.

The pandemic has forced ReclaimAbility to make a variety of changes to operations and multiple staff members mentioned their appreciation for the understanding patients' have shown, along with patient compliance in regards to COVID-19 safety protocols, from wearing masks to social distancing. Other members of the team mentioned that they're grateful for the trust patients have continued to have in the ReclaimAbility team, despite the pressure that comes with such a strenuous worldwide event. That trust was described as both an honor and a privilege by doctors, expressing their gratitude for the meaningful opportunity to help people with their pain.

Team members also mentioned how much their simple interactions with patients mean to them, as they have the chance to make their patients smile and maintain a smooth process to decrease patient stress. Doctors also mentioned that they are thankful for technology, as it has allowed them to continue to help patients that aren't coming into the office. Despite the changes that have come as a result of the pandemic, ReclaimAbility staff members are grateful for their patients and the ability to help people in need. They acknowledged the difficulties of current circumstances, but remain positive and continue using available resources to best serve their patients. For more on what ReclaimAbility is thankful for, head over to the company's Instagram and November blog.

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ReclaimAbility runs multiple South Jersey pain control clinics. Along with treating patients, both at the clinics and via telemedicine, ReclaimAbility provides information via blogs and social media posts to help patients with issues and keep them updated regarding their local clinic.

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