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Recognizing and Defeating the Demonic by Pastor Mike Millé Goes #1 on Amazon in 24 Hours

RecognizingandDefeatingtheDemonic.com newest book by author, speaker and pastor Pastor Mike Millé of White Dove Fellowship Recognizing and Defeating the Demonic: Learn secrets of how demons work - became an Amazon #1 bestseller in under 24 hours.


Harvey, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2015 --Pastor Mike Mille latest book Recognizing and Defeating the Demonic: Learn secrets of how demons work - escape dark powers and live on a new level of success and blessing by pastor, #1 best selling author, Founder of White Dove Fellowship Church and speaker Pastor Mike Millé has written a new book, Recognizing and Defeating the Demonic for people who are trapped in this world. He uses the timeless truths of the Word to explain the traps which keep people from rising to the next level of blessing and success. Pastor Mike Millé's new #1 Amazon best selling book, "Recognizing and Defeating the Demonic," is now available on Amazon. Within the cover of this book people discover that God wants only good relationships, health, and prosperity while here on earth. So if that isn't happening, Pastor Millé explains, there can be only one cause - hidden spirits of harm like locusts destroying the harvest God wants people to have. With Pastor Millé's help, people will learn how to recognize the spirit's activity so people can take back the ground stolen by unseen dark spirits. This book will teach people how to deal with demons the way Jesus did. Live on the higher level God has called.

"Every Christian should read this book. It is powerful & life changing. If you are tired of being stuck in your present situation, battling the same battles over & over, & going around the same mountains this book will show you through the power of the Holy Spirit how to change your circumstances.I dare you to read it & not be changed!"
--Gloria Pine

When people are ready to discover all that God has to offer, with relationships, health, prosperity and are ready to have the many unanswered questions addressed, Recognizing and Defeating the Demonic: Learn secrets of how demons work - escape dark powers and live on a new level of success and blessing, helps people to find the answers.

"Finally, a book that breaks through all the nonsense and details how to live the abundant life that God has ordained for each one of us. This book is packed with powerful revelation that will minister to you in every area of your life. Reading this book will change your life, and equip you to fight the good fight so that you can fulfill your God given potential, and accomplish your destiny in this life."
--Tim Perkins

In 1987, White Dove Fellowship Church was birthed by Pastors Mike & Elaine Millé, in the city of New Orleans in a community called Algiers. Desiring to reach the lost and hurting, the ministry began in a storefront, growing over 25 years until today. White Dove Fellowship Church is located in the heart of the West Bank of New Orleans, on a 30 acre piece of land.

Known for his in depth study of the Bible, Pastor Mike ministers messages to people of all ages and backgrounds. It's always a treat to hear him weaving humor into the delivery of the Word.

About White Dove Church
White Dove Church is an international ministry, diverse in its make-up, with people from all ethnic backgrounds and various walks of life coming together to worship the one true God.

White Dove Church desires to disciple and teach as many people as possible, in all nations to observe the Commands of Christ and to serve Him as disciples in His kingdom. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Our goal at White Dove Church is a family-focused approach, consisting of making fully devoted followers of Christ – a disciple.