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Recording Festival Open Gates to Submissions


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2014 --International Band Incubator,, Offers Three Bands An Opportunity To Record In Ireland. Early entries include Of Gentlemen and Cowards, Kate Parsons and more. is new idea aimed at giving rising musicians a chance to record at the legendary residential Grouse Lodge Studios in Ireland for two weeks, all expenses and airfare paid. The entire experience will be documented by a professional camera crew.

The idea came to seasoned record producer Filippo Gaetani , who is also founder of indie label Ray Recordings. After working on several albums at the Grouse Lodge, he realized that only a few artists ever get the privilege to experience recording at such a high level, especially in our modern era of home studios and DIY. The magic that can only happen in a beautifully outfitted studio with savvy engineers and pro musicians has somehow been lost in this brave new world of independence.

About is an opportunity that looks to bring the importance of that magic to the modern era. Contestants are simply required to submit a Soundcloud link to their best song, and pay a one-time $19 submission fee.

The fee helps paying the staff, keeps the site running, and covers expenses associated with the launch. Submissions will be evaluated by an extensive panel of handpicked judges from all over the world, representing award winning recording engineers, producers, radio personalities, and many more aspects of the music community. So far, entrants include such talented emerging talent as Of Gentleman and Cowards, Kate Parsons and Xiren. Meet our esteemed panel of judges.

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