Recoverthol Aims to Stop Hangovers Before They Start


Brisbane, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2019 --Recoverthol is a new product that drinkers can add to their first drink of the night to help prevent hangover symptoms the next day. While there are other hangover-remedy products out there, they typically require the drinker to remember to use them at the end of a night of drinking, which is unlikely, or in the morning when symptoms are already in full swing, delaying relief.

Recoverthol is the first of its kind in that drinkers simply add the solution to their first drink on a night out to help prevent hangover symptoms from showing up in the first place. It comes in a simple easy to use vial, so all users need to do is snap and squeeze Recoverthol into their drink. When added to a drink, Recoverthol is odorless and tasteless, so it won't affect the beverage whatsoever. This makes it easy to use, and the drinker will still be clear-headed at the time, making it even easier to remember to take Recoverthol.

This product works by giving the user's body the cofactors and coenzymes it needs to be able to process alcohol effectively and efficiently. Hangovers are typically caused by a buildup of acetaldehyde, and Recoverthol works to help the body eliminate this byproduct throughout the night so that you can get ahead of your hangover.

The brains behind Recoverthol have also developed a free mobile app to work in conjunction with the product. The app makes it easy for drinkers to track the number of drinks they have consumed throughout the night, giving them insights into how the alcohol might be affecting them based on their size, age and gender. It also tells them approximately how long they can expect to wait before returning to a sober state, making it easier than ever to imbibe responsibly.

To bring Recoverthol to drinkers around the world, its creators plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a funding goal of $100,000 AUD. Those who contribute to the campaign can get a four-pack of Recoverthol capsules for just $30, a 25-percent discount off the expected retail price. They can order packages of multiple boxes for even steeper discounts. The creators of Recoverthol expect to ship products out to customers in November 2019.