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Recycling Has Costs but Is Worth It

For local counties, recycling incurs more in expenses than what it produces in revenues. However, recycling produces other benefits than a profit for its operators, meaning that its value cannot be summed up in such a simple manner.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2016 --Although selling recycled materials can help, counties in the state of Virginia know that it cannot make up for all of their recycling costs, particularly now that the scrap market is at a low point. However, the counties in the state of Virginia also know that recycling produces more benefits than the sums fetched for selling recycled materials, meaning that they feel it is still worth their time and effort as well as the taxpayers' money.

For example, recycling means that less waste reaches the landfills, which is important because landfills have limited space. When landfills reach their limit, counties have to either pay to expand them or pay for the use of other landfills as well as the haul trucks need to make the lengthier trips. As a result, the choice of counties in the state of Virginia to continue recycling can actually cost less in the long run by pushing these two expensive solutions further and further into the future.

Likewise, Galaxy Transfer notes that other long-term benefits of recycling include but are not limited to a cleaner environment, a healthier living space, and the conservation of scarce resources. All of which are important considerations for counties, which are responsible for promoting both the health and happiness of their residents.

However, it is important to remember that businesses as well as private consumers have their parts to play as well. After all, all people generate waste through their daily activities, meaning that it is up to all people to make sure that the environment is well-protected by recycling as much as possible. Those who are unsure how this can be done should contact a waste disposal service such as Galaxy Transfer, which can provide them with the knowledge of what to do as well as assistance with actually doing it. Just because recycling tends not to produce a profit for recyclers, it does not mean that recycling is not worth doing.

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