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Red Cedar Services Preservation to Switch to Wind Power

Home and Recreation Blog will feature company’s launch of year-long wind energy pilot program.


Tacoma, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2015 --Red Cedar Services Preservation, a company already known for its use of renewable energy at their facility, will be featured by Home and Recreation Blog for its new, eco-friendly wind energy program. The company will launch a wind energy pilot program at their headquarters with the installation of one new wind turbine.

This new pilot program is expected to help the company further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and raise awareness that renewable energy is not just for factories, but also for office buildings in urban settings. The company also expects to gather useful information from the program that will help further its quest to continue to develop more sustainable solutions.

"The use of renewable energy is essential to making a difference in the world and conducting business in a responsible way," said spokesman for Home and Recreation Blog Richard Donaldson. "Red Cedar Services Preservation's use of wind energy will inspire other businesses in the community and other cities to find new, sustainable solutions for reducing energy use."

The pilot program will begin in June 2015 and run through June 2016 builds on the company's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas and reduce carbon worldwide. The wind turbine will be located on the roof of the building of Red Cedar Services Preservation, and the output they generate will power a large portion of the company's facility.

"While we are not sure how much alternative energy this turbine will produce, we expect to have clear, consistent results within a year," said Jackie Davis, senior vice president of Red Cedar Services Preservation. "This pilot program will help provide us with useful information on ways we can develop more sustainable solutions for our facility."

The company is hopeful that the outcome of the pilot will be a clear picture of the number of computers, machines, and other basic office resources that can be powered by renewable energy.

"We are thrilled to be using more renewable energy not just in our factories but in our office buildings –it is another way we are doing what's right for our communities and the environment around us," added Davis. "As with all of the communities in which we do business, we work to make our communities great places to live and to work."

By Sharon Nunez

About Red Cedar Services Preservation
Red Cedar Services Preservation is a family-owned and managed business that has been building upon a strong foundation of science, partnership, and field demonstration since its founding over a decade ago. Red Cedar Services Preservation empowers communities to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for the well-being of humanity. Red Cedar Services Preservation has made a commitment to reducing its own environmental footprint. The company has set specific goals every five years for the last decade and is currently working against objectives to be achieved by 2015.