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Red Cedar Services Announces Guide to Eating Healthy

Local food company Red Cedar Services has stated that they will release a guide to eating healthy on Fitness Life Stories. The company’s intent is to promote a healthy lifestyle in the community.


Iowa City, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2015 --Red Cedar Services, local preserved foods and canning company, has declared the upcoming production and release of a guide to eating healthy. The guide, which is titled "Healthy Eating Habits You Can Count On," is expected to become available to the public this spring alongside the release of a new product line. Fitness Life Stories will have an exclusive preview of the guide.

"My belief is, in food industry, it should be your obligation to the customer that you create a product and a mission that is healthy and conducive for everyone," said Harry Richardson, spokesperson for Red Cedar Services. "At Red Cedar Services, we're constantly in the pursuit of bettering ourselves to provide the healthiest product possible. With the addition of the healthy lifestyle guide, our customer base will be able to enjoy great tasting food while practicing proven methods of healthy eating habits."

"Healthy Eating Habits You Can Count On" will feature pieces written by nutritionists and food scientists, as well as hand-crafted recipes inspired by culinary chefs. In the guide, brand enthusiasts will be able to educate themselves on nutritional specifications of Red Cedar products, as well as portion size and frequency of meals that constitute healthy eating habits as determined by nutritional experts.

"I've been a loyal customer to Red Cedar Services for several years," said Maya Green. "As I grow in life, what I once considered to be of minor importance is now a top goal of mine. I'm very excited for the debut of the healthy lifestyle guide; Red Cedar Services is always focused on the health and happiness of its community, and I'm proud to support their business."

A mini guide will be available at Fitness Life Stories this spring. The complete healthy lifestyle guide will be available at Red Cedar's home office and distributors, and will come free with the purchase of any item from Red Cedar Services.

By Arturo M. McConnell

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