Reforestum: An App to Save the Planet

As the modern and industrial world develops, the carbon footprint of each individual seems to grow. Here to help reverse the process is a bit of nascent technology dubbed Reforestum.


Valladolid, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2017 --Forests are without a doubt beautiful things. They provide clean air to animals, safe havens for other plants, and shelter for many creatures. Sadly, forests today are in danger. The volatile temperatures brought by global warming alongside an upward trend in deforestation are decimating forests. In fact, the World Wildlife Foundation reports that over two and a half million square feet of forest are lost to deforestation every minute.* With the role of forests being so important and their existence in such an unstable position, it is imperative that humanity works to protect its forests. Here to help humanity come together and do just that is a new app called Reforestum. Through the power of today's technology, Reforestum aims to help every person, no matter their financial situation, become carbon neutral.

In order to achieve this goal, the app allows people to select the element of their lives they aim to make carbon neutral. Among the options are automotive transport, electric use, and more. The user then inputs various bits of information, in the case of a car this would include its make and model. Reforestum then displays the carbon footprint of its users actions. To counterbalance this footprint, users can then donate and purchase their own forests of a size corresponding to their carbon footprint. Afterwards, Reforestum users are able to track and manage the growth, carbon absorption, and tree count of their forests. Additionally, users are able to purchase amounts of forest based on a desired acreage or cost. In turn, anyone can start to balance out their carbon footprint for as little as two euros. As a side benefit, the app also contains a set of unlockable achievements named after mythological beings for their contribution to reforestation of the earth.

Perhaps the best part of this platform is its nature as a balancing solution. Instead of simply pushing for people to conserve resources and alter their lifestyle, Reforestum allows humanity to do what it does best: build. By creating a solution that is reforestation, people can feel a bit of relief from the looming problem of reforestation without the typical, yet largely impractical, 'solutions' of conservative use. Unfortunately, building this global-scale platform requires significant initial funding. To remedy this issue, the Reforestum team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Donors will be rewarded with their own claims to forests to track and manage as well as the sincere thanks of the entire Reforestum team. Together, Reforestum hopes to give everyone the opportunity to better their own environment.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.