Refresh the Heat Again, SWARM BZZ, One of the Three Pillars of Ethereum Is Listed on ZB Exchange


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2021 --With the rapid development and technological progress of the Internet, the Internet is in urgent need of technological change, and the current development direction of the Internet is in the field of distributed storage, which is the core technology of Internet Web3.0. However, due to the limitations of Internet centralization, it is unable to achieve effective and reliable universality. The birth of blockchain and the development of subsequent technologies have brought a fundamental and effective solution to this problem. Distributed storage based on blockchain technology is the future development direction.

Since filecoin and Chia, swarm, another giant mining project for storing racetracks, has become popular. At present, the swarm project token BZZ has been launched on more than ten exchanges such as ZB and Among the exchanges launching BZZ futures, ZB is the top Feixiaohao ranking, and the trading volume of BZZ on the second day of launching ZB has reached 74 million, which shows its outstanding strength.

It is understood that swarm is a powerful construction platform with the inevitability of the development of the times launched by the Ethereum team. With the development of Ethereum ecology, the data of Ethereum chain is more and more huge, and Swarm emerges as the times require. The project was launched in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, Gavin wood, the founder of Polkadot, and Jeffrey wilcke, the founder of Ethereum Fund. The investment institutions include Ethereum Foundation, Bitcoin Suisse, Alphemy Capital, Bitscale Capital, DFG, Kr1, Hashkey, NGC Venture, Leader Capital, P2P Capital, Waterdrop Capital?White Paper Capital and YBB Foundation Ltd.

Swarm is a decentralized content storage and distribution service project, which can provide local basic layer service of Ethereum Web3 stack, support DAPP to store and distribute code, data and content, and become Ethereum public records decentralized storage platform. Users can use swarm to store and distribute data. Since the beginning of swarm project, it has been defined as one of the three main components of Web3.0. It aims to support mining pool storage, bandwidth and computing resources to support Ethereum based application network. Together with Ethereum and Whistler, it has become a part of Ethereum official project led and developed by ETH foundation.

The BZZ token of Swarm is an economic incentive system that can promote value payment and value exchange. As a functional reward of Swarm, the BZZ token has a total circulation of 62.5 million. It is used for bandwidth and storage rewards in Swarm projects, which can encourage and promote Swarm's project network optimization and block chain ecological development.

At present, it is known that the main network of swarm will be released in mid June, and there will be no rapid distribution and lockup. For Swarm (BZZ) and Filecoin on the same track, the biggest advantage is that there are ready-made smart contract ecological resources of Ethereum, and ready-made effective hot data storage, which can quickly realize the value of Swarm distributed storage. At present, Ethereum's ecology is the largest in the whole blockchain, and its market application value is also the highest, which is quite good for Swarm's ecological value. It can be said that Swarm distributed storage is the second largest distributed storage project after Filecoin.

The launch of Swarm (BZZ) on ZB this time has played a strong role in promoting Swarm's own promotion and user development. According to relevant media reports, ZB, established in 2013, is one of the earliest digital currency exchanges in the world. According to February 2021 data, ZB ranks in the top 10 in global trading volume. As an established first-line exchange that has been operating successfully for 8 years, ZB provides digital currency trading services to more than 10 million users worldwide. At the same time, ZB is also the first batch of mainstream trading currencies such as Eth and EOS in Asia, and it is the most active trading exchange. ZB's brand reputation and strength have also left a deep impression on users. Today, ZB is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the Chinese-speaking region.

Since 2017, ZB has been committed to opening up the international market and bringing convenient access to gold to many regions, such as Taiwan, Indonesia and Russia. ZB also launched many overseas high-quality projects this year, attracting many investors around the world and further expanding its global influence.

In addition, ZB has four trading areas: QC, USDT, BTC and ZB. At present, it has opened one-stop services for crypto assets such as spot trading, fiat trading, leverage trading and leverage financing. ZB built-in online customer service, 24-hour continuous online, for users to create considerate, comfortable and user-friendly service. ZB has always been committed to comprehensive business services including investment funds and e-wallets to create comfortable and convenient investment services for users. ZB has also been promoting the process of standardization. It has successively obtained the exchange licenses of Dubai and Singapore, and has set up operation centers in Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Bangkok, Dubai and other places, which can continuously protect the capital security of users.

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