REGARD LED Bring LED Displays to Participate in ISLE 2020 and LED CHINA 2020


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/29/2020 --Although 2020 is a tough year for many enterprises, RIGARD LED decided to participate in two famous LED exhibitions - ISLE 2020 and LED CHINA 2020 during this challenging period, bringing the excellent effect of brand promotion. The Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display series and COB LED displays also received great exposure at the expo and were popular with the participants.

ISLE (international large screen display technology, audio-visual intelligence integration, signs, and LED exhibition) is the most authoritative and influential exhibition in the industry. It has gathered more than 1600 elite enterprises in the LED industry and tens of thousands of professional audiences from more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. ISLE 2020 will be unveiled at an unprecedented scale, fully showing the latest technology and innovation achievements in professional fields such as large screen LED display, intelligent city, stage audio-visual, system integration, etc., and leading the new trend of the global LED display industry in a new manner.

LED CHINA is a global leading LED industry exhibition, focusing on the exhibition of a complete LED industry chain of the "one-stop" business procurement platform. After 15 years of cultivation and development, LED CHINA has been well known worldwide and recognized as the "wind vane" of industry development.

The 18th Shanghai International LED Exhibition (LED China 2020 Shanghai Station) will take an LED screen display as a carrier to create an ecological industry chain event integrating the traditional advertising logo to the digital display. The LED China 2020 covers 8 exhibition halls, 100000 square meters, and 1250 exhibitors to present the best solutions LED screen display for 45000 professional buyers from all over the world!

The outbreak of COVID-19 was a great blow to the business, but RIGARD LED does everything possible to show its customers the best LED screen display through participating in various well-known exhibitions. ISLE 2020 and LED CHINA 2020 both provide an opportunity for the enterprise to develop business and to find suppliers and distributors. The most advanced and innovative narrow pixel pitch LED displays and COB LED displays from RIGARD LED are both presented to the two influential exhibitions.

The narrow pixel pitch LED displays are the best seller of RIGARD LED, which attracted many participants to consult at the event. Adopted the pixel point control technology, narrow pixel pitch LED display is good at improving the brightness, reduction, and uniformity of the display screen. Compared with the traditional DLP back projection display, the narrow pixel pitch LED display has the advantages of 1080p, 4K high definition and large screen, 16:9 golden ratios, and become more advanced and reliable.

RIGARD LED's narrow pixel pitch LED display can vividly present more colorful content and become a useful tool to create a more dynamic professional atmosphere during the meeting. During the pandemic outbreak, companies in mounting numbers adopt the remote office mode. With the function of communication and real-time remote control, a narrow pixel pitch LED display is flexible and convenient to become the first choice for many enterprises.

As for the COB LED display, it has higher reliability due to its excellent heat dissipation and oxidation resistance. The COB LED display of RIGARD LED adopts high standard coating technology to prevent LED display from failure due to damage of water, humidity, ultraviolet rays, etc. In addition, it supports the all-weather operation and can still operate at extreme temperatures of 30 to 80 degrees.

It is undeniable that COB has better physical properties. The modules packaged with COB are lighter, and the field of vision is larger and can be bent arbitrarily.

Through ISLE 2020 and LED CHINA 2020, RIGARD LED has made participants have a deeper understanding of the narrow pixel pitch LED display and COB LED display, and made great publicity on the brand, which is also the goal of RIGARD LED in the exhibition. It is foreseeable that driven by the Internet of things technology, a remote video conference will become popular, which means that narrow pixel pitch LED display and COB LED display will be hot products in the 5G era to meet the application requirements of the HD conference system.

Seeing the booming development of the narrow pixel pitch LED display and COB LED display, Ricard LED will be committed to developing more advanced LED technology, bringing better LED display, and establishing long-term cooperation relationships for global customers. As a leading LED screen display manufacturer, RIGARD LED promises and provides professional services and guidance to customers worldwide, focusing on personalized solutions of an LED screen display for customers.

RIGARD LED, with the headquarter in Shenzhen, China, is an international company covering the business of designing, manufacturing, distributing, and serving LED screen displays. RIGARD LED has gained significant market share in narrow pixel pitch LED displays and provides indoor, outdoor, fixed, and creative LED displays and other ancillary solutions for urban environments.

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