Registered Users of ZB. Com Exceeds 6 Million


Zhongshan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2019 --ZB. Com recently announced that the number of registered users had exceeded 6 million, growing faster than expected. It was only three months after the cryptocurrency trading platform first revealed the operation data on its 6th anniversary at the end of June 2019. It is growing faster than industry professionals expected compared to the previous 5 million registered users.

Founded in 2013, ZB.com has been operating safely and stably for more than six years, providing a security risk control system at the financial level. ZB.com is also the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange platform and one of the early Bitcoin and Ethereum trading platforms in China. At its peak, ZB.com once accounted for more than 50% of the global ETH trading volume and more than 70% of the global ETC trading volume.

According to the latest official data, as the world's leading digital asset trading platform, ZB.com has more than 6 million registered users, over 10 million daily visits, and over 10 billion RMB average daily transactions. At present, ZB.com has opened four cryptocurrency trading areas, namely QC, USDT, BTC, and ZB, providing one-stop services for digital assets, such as spot trading, fiat currency trading, leverage trading, and leverage financing.

Since the second half of 2019, ZB.com has adopted a series of methods to enhance its competitiveness, faced with new emerging trading platforms, as well as the strong position of Huobi, Binance, and OKEx.

1.Launch a brand-new VIP system
The VIP system of ZB.com implemented from the beginning of 2018 has been comprehensively updated. It provides two channels of " direct purchase of ZB tokens" and "locked a certain amount of ZB tokens," with transaction rate as low as 0.03%. What's more, VIP members will be given priority to enjoy benefits and participate in the activities on the site.

2.Upgrade the brand LaunchPad
In March, the VSYS LaunchPad of ZB.com is such a great success, with the highest increase of more than 1170% after the opening of trading. In the second half of the year ZB.com launches "ZB UP" as a brand-new upgraded brand of LaunchPad, and continues to position itself as a half-price rush channel for high-quality digital assets. On August 12, ZB.com officially launched the first UP project LivenPay(LVN), and the total amount of subscription is concluded within 4 hours, and the final amount of subscription exceeds 200%.

Another phase of ZB UP project Filenet(FN) has also successfully concluded. By the end of the subscription, a total of 1892 users participated in the subscription, and the total subscription amount reached 1.5 times the total amount of FN offering.

Without exception, the next phase of the ZB UP project Crypto.com Coin(CRO) has achieved a successful result. Due to high demand, the CRO subscriptions amount has exceeded the total amount of CRO offerings in the first 5 minutes. Till the end, a total of 2561 users participated in the subscription, and the total subscription amount reached 3 times the total amount of CRO offering.

3. Empower ZB Token
The maximum rise of the ZB token, the cryptocurrency of the ZB platform,. is more than 200% in 2019, with a total market value of about $150 million, ranking 38th on the well-known market website CoinMarketCap. Recently, ZB.com has implemented a series of radical deflation policies on ZB token. According to the latest ZB token repurchase and burn announcement in the third quarter, ZB.com had repurchased more than 90 million ZB token and burned one billion ZB token from the user protection fund. ZB token have gradually penetrated various scenarios of the trading platform, with the strong binding relationship between itinerary.

ZB.com, as the leading cryptocurrency exchange, is expected to provide the best cryptocurrency service of the industry with its profound technical and practical accumulation. How it will perform is a much-anticipated highlight in the next six years.

About ZB.com
ZB.com is a digital asset trading platform of the ZB group, which serves ten millions of global professional trading users. It provides global users with one-stop services of digital assets such as exchange trading, fiat currency trading, leverage financing, etc. It uses multiple security technologies such as distributed server clustering, distributed storage, and hot and cold wallet separation to ensure customer asset security. Its focus is laid on providing safe, convenient, and comfortable blockchain asset trading services to global customers.

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