Rehab Detox Treatment Offers Sobriety Tips when Attending Ultra Music Festival 2016

Implement these tips to stay sober at music concerts and festival


Fort Myers, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2016, a recovery-based website that offers true life stories about addiction and sobriety, is offering men and women who plan to attend this year's Ultra Music Festival tips on how to stay sober during festivities. The 2016 Ultra Music Festival will be held once again at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to be in attendance. Known as one of the country's most popular outdoor electronic music festivals, the three-day long event is highly anticipated by men and women of all ages.

As with many festivals and music concerts, alcohol and drugs have a way of making a presence into these types of venues. For those in recovery and trying to maintain their sobriety, a plan should be put into place before attending any music festival in order to better resist temptation. Watching other participants drinking alcohol and using drugs, combined with the intensity of concert festivities, can prove to form the perfect storm of temptation that could lead some into relapsing.

There are specific ways you can maintain your sobriety while enjoying the celebration of a music festival. First, be sure to engage a strong support system to attend the festival with you. This support system could be made up of your friends and family, or other people in recovery. Your support system will provide encouragement and a safe environment for you while in an atmosphere where drugs and alcohol may be present.

When at the festival, be sure to purchase your own beverages and food and keep them with you at all time. If you feel someone is pressuring you to drink an alcoholic beverage or use drugs, simply excuse yourself and go to a different location. Today, many large music festivals and concerts have fan clubs that are recovery based and that set up tents so fans can connect with one another and enjoy the concert together while staying sober. You can find many of these groups via message boards, forums and searches online.

An additional sobriety tip is to begin and end your concert weekend with recovery based activities. For instance, you may want to go to a support group meeting before you leave for the festival, and set up an appointment ahead of time with your counselor or sponsor to meet up with them as you leave the festival. This will keep your mind focused on recovery and arm you with the support you need before you enter into an environment where drugs and alcohol could be present. Keeping sobriety on your mind before the event will also remind you that you want this event to be memorable and positive. Maintaining your sobriety during the festival will allow you to have a clear mind and be present throughout the entire experience.

Last, always plan ahead of time should you feel overwhelmed or pressured at any time during the concert. Whether this plan includes calling your counselor or sponsor, or scouting out safe zones at the concert should you need leave a tempting atmosphere, preparations should begin before the event. Also keep in mind you can leave the festival all together should the pressure become too much to handle or if you are being intimidated to engage in activity that would cause you to relapse.

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