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Fort Myers, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2016 --Featured videos on our YouTube channel share true-life journeys of men and women of all ages who were addicted to drugs and alcohol but were able to achieve sobriety with proper treatment. Our latest featured "Real Life Recovery Story" highlights 28-year-old Desire who shares how she "lived in hell for 12 years" because of her addiction drugs and alcohol.

In this latest video story, Desire describes how she suffered from depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders at a young age and was always given medicine as a solution to her problem. She paints a picture of how taking in her first substance was a new way for her to escape the way she had felt for so many years, and how she eventually became addicted to escaping her problems. Desire also explains how she came from an environment where substance abuse was prevalent and even tells a story about using with her father, who eventually went to prison because of drugs and alcohol.

After "burning every bridge" that she had, Desire's grandmother helped her get into a treatment facility. Even though she openly admits to being scared at the beginning of treatment, because she didn't know what to expect, she explains how she made a choice to take every suggestion the counselors and physicians gave her while in treatment so that she could succeed. "There were people there who cared about me for the first time, because when you are out there using there isn't much love or guidance," she adds. "It blew my mind. I am free today." Today, Desire is clean and has mended her relationships with her mother and father.

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