Reimagine Creativity with Pixlr 2022

The next level of Photo Editing, Animation and Design


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/29/2021 --The launch for Pixlr 2022 by Pixlr ( with ample new features that will amplify a user's image editing and designing experience onto the next level.

With new branding, designs, features and a clean futuristic logo, Pixlr has evolved from just an editing tool to a practical design tool that perfectly fits every user, be it novices and professionals. The new logo in Pixlr 2022 symbolizes a modern twist to the Pixlr tools, empowering all users to do more than just photo editing. It resembles the new flexibility brought by the new Pixlr in which users are now able to play with effects, designs and animations in one place, yet keeping Pixlr's DNA of reimagining photo editing.

The new features of the world's web-based free photo editing suite will bring its users to a whole new level of design flexibility. This brand new version of AI-powered features come fully equipped with new interactive animation function; nifty brushes with more tablet-friendly functionality; rigorous healing tool that will definitely make users flawlessly retouch like a pro; high functional batch-editing that allows premium users to edit up to 50 images at once; and wide-range formats selection. These align with Pixlr's goals in making designs faster, smarter and easier for everyone.

Diving into the world that is fully empowered with AI technologies, Pixlr 2022 is now enabling graphic animations in its cloud-based photo animation and design tools, Pixlr X and Pixlr E. Compact with simple yet engaging animation styles, Pixlr X helps all users to animate their projects and designs in a few clicks with its ready-to-use selections; while Pixlr E allows more adventurous and challenging animation experiences for all users. Be it anything, Pixlr will let everyone dive into a fascinating animation galaxy.

Moving on par with the latest developments in photo editing, Pixlr 2022 provides magical touches to let users remove unwanted textures and distracting backgrounds from any images. With Pixlr 2022, having clean, on-point and complementary backgrounds is never an issue. The new heal tool feature will definitely handle any distractions with utmost care -- just what editors need!

The year 2022 allows Pixlr's users to draw like a pro with stylus pen on tablets; the new brushes feature supports brushes customization on touch pressure and sensitivity to let users create their own masterpieces through the right opacity and strokes. Foreseeing various technologies on portable and handy design works, Pixlr 2022 provides a wide selection of touch pressure points for a seamless designing experience.

Maintaining the same tones, temperatures and effects could be challenging for some but with Pixlr E, everything can be done quickly with its new batch-editing quality. Using Pixlr E, users are able to rotate, resize, convert and crop from at least 3 up to 50 photos all at once to speed up the workflow for instant results and a less arduous designing process. With just a single click, users are able to batch their photos and supersede repetitive manual editing tasks.

To keep up with the trends, the new Pixlr establishes new pop-out windows to keep all the users in the loop with enthralling highlights, updates, upcoming templates and so much more. Ensuring a stress-free and informative inbox with exclusive in-app updates, Pixlr X and Pixlr E allow the users to pick and choose their preferences without any hassle -- all in one place without having to go back and forth, juggling between the editor tools and other windows.

"Pixlr 2022 is our most impressive release so far. Not only making photo editing and design much better with news like magic object removal, pen and tablet support, we are also adding powerful one-click animation functions," said Pixlr's founder, Ola Sevandersson. "This will open up a completely new creative space that lets users reach far beyond static photos. I can't wait to see what our millions of users will create next."