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Walnut Creek-California Mortgage Brokers of the Year are Selected to Speak to Professional Athletes

Luke Currier and Ed Jeffry have been invited to speak to a group of professional athletes to provide insights on how to avoid the top 6 mistakes made by athletes when obtaining a mortgage.


Walnut Creek, Ca -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2007 --Local Walnut Creek mortgage lenders Ed Jeffry and Luke Currier of Peregrine Lending Company were recently requested to speak to a group of football players who are likely to be drafted into the NFL.

"Luke and I are honored to have been selected as speakers at this event; we have great information that will really help these players" said Mr. Jeffry. "Professional athletes have a unique financial situation. They have great potential for income, but only a signing bonus is guaranteed. They make great salary; however they are only paid during season. Young athletes who have just been drafted but haven’t signed are in an even more unique situation. They may have signed a fantastic contract, but they have not been paid a penny and will not start to collect a paycheck until they are actually in camp" said Mr. Currier.

Ed Jeffry and Luke Currier recently won an international award for Mortgage Broker of the Year through the organization Loan Officer Success. They have spoken to many different groups including Realtors, Financial Planners as well as consumers, giving lectures on a variety of subjects. They both specialize in loans that are more difficult to get approved. "Luke and I have focused on the vastly underserved segments of mortgage finance. People with credit challenges or the inability to provide evidence of income, the self employed and the professional athlete are people in need of solid information to make informed decisions about their finances. This world is filled with people who are trying to rip us all off, and Luke and I are trying to equip the world with the ammunition to combat these unscrupulous types."

The speaking engagement is being held in Arizona at a training facility for the athletes. During the various breaks in their normal training, experts are asked to speak and deliver presentations that will be of benefit to people in these athletes’ circumstances.

As you can see it's an incredible advantage to these gentlemen to have experts like Ed and Luke come and speak and give their expertise. One would think that the average athlete should have significant finances to handle any possible purchase transaction. The reality is that their situation is no different from any other potential buyer. "They need to evaluate down payment amounts, length of time they intend to occupy, loan terms and rates just like all of us" said Mr. Currier. "Money is an issue for everybody" said Mr. Jeffry, " one has all the answers at 22 years of age, no matter what your profession or how much you are being paid."

"We read the clippings in the newspapers about mortgage brokers being indicted for fraud and minorities being charged more for loans than others and it makes our blood boil. We set out years ago to deliver to the marketplace a lender who doesn't see ethnic or economic demographics, but sees people who need help and want to get the best deals they can regardless of their financial standing," said Luke Currier. "We want to make a difference in the world one customer at a time and others are finally taking notice,” said Ed Jeffry.

Walnut Creek, California-based mortgage experts Ed Jeffry and Luke Currier specialize in providing information to consumers that allow them to make informed decisions about their mortgage financing options. They are experts in helping people who have a difficult financing challenge achieve financial security through home ownership and are available for interviews and will welcome all your mortgage related questions.

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