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Siglos Provides the Complete Karaoke Experience


Hartford, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/11/2007 --PowerKaraoke has released Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder, a fun and easy-to-use Windows karaoke program that lets you play songs, and record your voice as you sing along.

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder has all of the features that you'd expect in a professional karaoke program. You can play songs in full screen mode, and insert images of your choice behind the lyrics. The program supports dual monitors, letting you run the program on your laptop, while using a second monitor or TV screen to display the lyrics and images.

You have complete control over the pitch of the songs that you play, so you're always singing in your favorite key. It's easy to control the pitch in -12 to +12 semitone half-note steps. When you adjust the pitch, you never introduce a "chipmunk" effect. The tempo of the music remains identical to that of the original, unadjusted song.

It's simple to record your voice as you sing along, and save your singing as an MP3 file. You can control the volume level of your recording.

The program supports all of the popular karaoke formats. You can play CD+G disc directly from your CDROM drive. If you have MP3+G files, either normal or compressed into ZIP archives, you can play them from your hard drive. The program also supports MIDI karaoke songs in MID and KAR formats, as well as multiplex CD+G discs. In fact, the program will play all Windows multimedia files, including AVI and MPEG movies.

The built-in MIDI karaoke search helps you find karaoke files on the Internet. You can create playlists to manage your files and make your karaoke experience more enjoyable. There is even support for turning the vocal track on and off on multiplex CD+G files.

Whether you're a singer who wants to perfect your art in the privacy of your home, or a party person who wants to bring karaoke with you when you visit friends and family, Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder can make your karaoke experience more memorable and fun.

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder runs on Windows XP and Vista, and costs $49(US) for a single user license. Attractive prices are available for bundles of software from the company's extensive family of karaoke programs. To play CD+G discs, your drive must be able to read CD+G subcodes. While most modern disc drives support CD+G subcodes, you can test your system by downloading the free evaluation version of Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder from http://www.powerkaraoke.com/. For more information, visit the Power Karaoke web site at http://www.powerkaraoke.com/ or send an email to info@powerkaraoke.com.

Evaluation Copy Available on Request

About PowerKaraoke:

Since 2003, PowerKaraoke has been developing and marketing a full range of karaoke software. In addition to Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder, the company offers two additional karaoke players, three karaoke creation applications, a karaoke burn/copy/rip tool, karaoke sound tools, and two karaoke converters. They also offer an ActiveX control that lets software developers add CD+G playback to their applications. PowerKaraoke is a division of DOBLON, an independent software development company since 1990.