Upgrade to 2X ThinClientServer and send VISTA activation to the gallows

2X ThinClientServer 4.0 provides users with Windows applications without the need for VISTA or XP at the desktop.


London, England, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2007 --2X ThinClientServer v.4 aims to rid besieged Network administrators from the headache of the upcoming Vista upgrade. Rather than sinking deeper into the swamp of fat client administration, Vista hardware upgrades and Vista activation, administrators can use 2X ThinClientServer to deploy a secure, centrally managed Linux desktop which runs any Windows application (including Vista applications) via RDP.

"2X ThinClientServer protects companies from exploding software license, maintenance, hardware and energy costs. With Vista activation server and the unavoidable hardware and software upgrades, the administrator’s tasks, become ever more demanding. Now more than ever, a hardware and OS independent centrally managed thin client operating system is the right way forward for every company,” states Nikolaos Makris, CEO 2X.

How 2X ThinClientServer works
2X ThinClientServer deploys a small footprint Linux-based OS to old PCs, new low cost PCs and to popular thin client devices (HP, Neoware, Wyse, Maxspeed and more). Thin clients always boot the latest version of the OS from the ThinClientServer. Hardware & connection settings (including resolution, logging and more) are retrieved from the server when the client logs on, making thin clients easy to manage.

Users' connection settings are managed centrally
Users' connection settings such as Terminal Server name, type (RDP, Citrix ICA or NX), screen resolution and more, can be managed centrally via the web-based management interface. There is no need to push out these connection settings to the thin client devices, because they are retrieved when the user logs on.

Connection settings are managed based on username, department or thin client
Most thin client management software can only configure connection settings based on device. 2X ThinClientServer links connection settings to Active Directory/LDAP usernames, groups or OU's (organizational units). This reduces the administration involved with adding users and managing roaming users.

Other features
• Converts existing PCs to thin clients
• Thin clients can boot via PXE, CD ROM, floppy or hard disk
• Supports virtually all thin clients and computer hardware via advanced auto detection
• Supports local media and printers
• Multiple full desktops per thin client
• Support for 2X and CITRIX published desktops and applications
• New hardware support with Linux kernel
• Advanced usage reporting tool.

Server runs on Windows or Linux
2X ThinClientServer is platform independent - it is available for both Windows and Linux. On Windows, Windows 2000, 2003 server, XP and VISTA are supported. On Linux, RedHat Enterprise 4, SUSE Enterprise Server 9.x, and Fedora 3/4 are supported. The Windows version includes a TFTP server for deployment of the OS.

Pricing & Availability
Pricing starts from as little as $595 for managing up to 25 thin clients; $ 1145 for 50 thin clients and $3595 for 250 thin clients. More information and a free trial version of the product are available at http://www.2x.com/thinclientserver/.

About 2X
2X Software Ltd - 2X - is a company developing software for the booming server-based computing market. Thin client computing controls spiraling PC management costs, centralizes application and desktop management, improves security and performance and allows users to work remotely. The company’s product line includes: 2X ThinClientServer Enterprise and PXES editions, 2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services/Citrix, 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services, 2X SecureRDP for Windows Terminal Services and 2X TerminalServer for Linux. 2X is a privately held company with offices in Frankfurt, Cyprus, UK and Malta. Its management team is backed by years of experience in developing and selling network infrastructure software. 2X is a Microsoft and RedHat partner. For more information visit: www.2x.com, www.2xsoftware.de, www.2xsoftware.it, www.2xsoftware.fr, www.2xsoftware.es.

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