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Giganews Implements Expanded Support for 256 Bit SSL Encryption

Giganews SSL encryption is now supported on port 443.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2007 --Today, Giganews announced an improvement in their recently implemented encrypted Usenet service. Customers can now establish 256 bit SSL encrypted Usenet connections to Giganews on port 443 as well as port 563.

Port 563 is traditionally recognized as the default port for encrypted Usenet traffic (NNTPS), while port 443 is recognized as the default port for encrypted web traffic (HTTPS). By supporting multiple ports for encrypted Usenet downloads, Giganews' customers will be able to switch between ports depending on which path offers the best performance.

Customers experiencing slow download speeds using port 563 may choose to use port 443 in order to get faster encrypted Usenet downloads and vice versa.

Giganews recently released encrypted Usenet access as announced at Encrypted Usenet access allows Giganews' customers to safely and securely download headers and articles from Usenet newsgroups.

Encrypted Usenet access and Giganews' new support for port 443 are part of Giganews' continuing efforts to improve service levels and offer a more robust and secure service for their customers.

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