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NorthSeas E-mail Archiving Appliances Now Offer SAN Support, Stand-in Mail Services and much more


Ottawa, ON, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/17/2007 --NorthSeas AMT (NorthSeas), pioneer of the e-mail archiving appliance, today announced that firmware Version 3.0 (V3) is now available for its new NorthSeas Guard E/N product line. The two most noteworthy V3 features are the option to archive to an IP SAN, and messaging functionality that offers users access to e-mail and mail services, even when their mail-server is unavailable. iSCSI support means that NorthSeas customers can avoid much of the guess work of email storage planning by using an inherently scalable IP SAN as a message repository. Most IP SAN products offer an ability to easily adjust storage to suit the current demand.

“Customers tell us every day that e-mail storage demand is difficult, often impossible, to predict“, says Stephen P. Spence, President and CEO of NorthSeas. “By supporting IP SAN technology, our new customers need only invest in the storage they need today and just add capacity as they need it later.”

Stand-in Mail Services©, a unique offering by NorthSeas, gives users the ability to directly reply to and forward archived messages and compose new messages, capabilities that are particularly useful when, for whatever reason, the mail-server is inaccessible. Because the NorthSeas Archive contains all messages, users have access to the most recent messages as well as older ones.

Other new functionality includes:
• Search Performance Improvements – Real-time indexing and search optimization for simple header searches and more advanced message-body full-text searches
• LDAP– Users are authenticated using the same credentials they use on other systems
• NFS Support – For those who prefer the Unix flavour of network storage
• Alias Support – A single search looks across alias addresses as well as the user’s primary e-mail mailbox
• Designated Users – A user can assign archive access to another individual e.g. Executive Assistant
• International Language Support – User interface now available in English, French, and Dutch
• Administrative Enhancements: New administrative features include SSL Login security, outbound SMTP routing, updated Logging and Reporting, optimized directory structure and more …

An on-line and interactive demonstration of NorthSeas’ latest functionality is available on the company’s website at

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NorthSeas was founded in 2003 on the principle that business critical information solutions do not need to be complicated or expensive. The company is emerging as a leading e-mail management vendor by offering e-mail archiving appliance solutions that are vendor-neutral, “Appliance Simple”, and utilize standard network file storage for its repository. NorthSeas’ innovative appliance-based Search and Replay™ application gives users access to a virtually unlimited number of their e-mail messages quickly and easily, while at the same time minimizing the need for storage on the mail-server. For more information, please go to

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