Centiare Offers Top-ranked Forum for Writers and Researchers

Centiare continues its growth as a new wiki directory by taking the model of “personal ownership” of content and search engine optimization to higher levels. Centiare.com now invites independent authors, academic researchers, industry experts, and students to author encyclopedic content for the free directory.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2007 --Centiare is a new online directory that opened to the public only a few short weeks ago. Already, nearly 3,000 articles have been created by about forty registered users. According to Alexa.com, in just the past two weeks, Centiare has overtaken 40,000 different web sites in daily traffic rank.

However, Centiare’s founders recognize that the directory needs many more authoritative, reliably researched articles to continue growing with high-quality information. Thus, Centiare has established an Editorial Review Board which now invites independent authors, academic researchers, industry experts, and students to create encyclopedic content about the topics in which they excel. The three-member Board will review and evaluate nominated articles on a weekly basis. And, unlike Wikipedia, which has a policy against “ownership of content”, Centiare administrators will protect winning articles from further editing, and authorship will be credited to the contributor, with a link to his or her own directory page.

The purpose of the Editorial Review Board is to reward the work of patient, thoughtful contributors who understand the importance and value of adding high-quality, neutral point-of-view content to Centiare, but who wish to see the fruit of their work go undisturbed by other editors. The Board will look for and expect four important criteria to be filled by nominated pages:

1. The topic shall be about an entity, action, event, or process that does not have standing in a court of law. For example, acceptable topics could range from “hurricane”, to “fluorinated surfactants”, to “Abraham Lincoln”. Topics that do have standing in a court of law (such as “Barack Obama”, “Ford Motor Company”, or “United Way”) are also welcome in Centiare’s protected directory space – just not for this Editorial Review Board program.

2. The article shall include multiple relevant, accurate reference citations to noteworthy publications.

3. Any personal conflict of interest or bias of the author shall be deprecated in favor of a neutral point-of-view.

4. Content must not plagiarize other published works; except that the author(s) of the article may reconstitute their own previous copyrighted material, if they choose.

Articles meeting these criteria may be nominated by their primary author(s) to the Board on the project’s discussion page. Every weekend, the Board will consider each active nomination and either approve the article as a “winner”, return it for additional improvements, or reject it.

What are the benefits for winning authors?

An article selected for recognition by the Board will incorporate a semantic tag to record and relate the work to the pertinent author’s directory listing. Centiare’s founders hope that this will bring the author(s) the added fame of being contacted by reporters, bloggers, scholars, and other interested parties who wish to learn more about the subject. Authors are welcome to use Amazon.com Associates links to identify their reference sources. But, best of all, properly formatted articles in Centiare are beginning to show up at the very top of Google search engine results, so the Board’s program is a quick and easy way for authors of respectable content to get “noticed” on the Internet.

Proof of these search engine optimization (SEO) results can be found by trying these search queries at Google:

* West Chester church shepherd -- -- A Centiare listing ranks #2 out of 873,000 results
* “heating oil” Hunterdon Somerset NJ -- -- A Centiare listing ranks #3 out of 481 results
* Littleton graphics stationery -- -- A Centiare listing ranks #1 out of 25,300 results
* “largest commercial printers” Orlando Florida -- -- A Centiare listing ranks #1 out of 127 results
* Florida stone crab scientific video -- -- A Centiare listing ranks #1 out of 121,000 results

The “stone crab” article in Centiare took its author about 10 minutes to create, and it now comes up first out of 121,000 Google search results. Imagine what careful, dedicated authors of encyclopedic content on Centiare could achieve. Authors who want to share in these amazing results should register at Centiare today.


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