Food for Health, International

2 Businessmen Displaced in New Orleans

Survival Bucket demonstrated on the streets of New Orleans for 6 days.


New Orleans, LA and Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2007 --2 men 6 days 1 bucket…and survival. Two businessmen are literally displacing themselves for 6 days in New Orleans to showcase their emergency bucket product released late last year.

Food for Health, International – a Utah based nutritional & emergency preparedness company originally developed the survival bucket for one of it’s discount retailers. “They expressed a need for a comprehensive 72-hour kit – which is the standard. However, after the Katrina disaster in Louisiana we discovered help may take more than 72 hours to arrive. We are sending our sales and marketing team out to where Katrina hit in September 2005,” said Frank Davis, CEO.

Derek Christensen and Geoffrey Power are two average businessmen displaced with only their personal affects and a 4-gallon bucket loaded with emergency supplies. They intend on finding places to prepare their food and sleep in the outskirts of New Orleans. Christensen commented, “There is no way to actually duplicate the pain and distress people faced during Katrina, we are just demonstrating a product that will help during a disaster situation.”

“We are kinda on our own” added Christensen, “We will probably be sleeping in our rental car, unless the folks at the SuperDome will put us up.”

The exercise will be documented by a camera-crew and available at Neither Christensen nor Power have any survival background or are familiar with the Greater New Orleans area.

Progress releases and explanation of the contents of the ‘Survival Bucket’ will be posted during the week on

Contact Dave Christensen for information and interviews at 801-765-4663 (office) 801-592-1244 (cell). Interviews available from the field – while their batteries last at 801-717-6461 and 801-472-6949.