Paintball Gets its own YouTube at Xhaled.com

Xhaled.com is the one-stop Web site for paintball enthusiasts and those wanting to learn more about the third-fastest extreme sport in America. Xhaled.com is the #1 Destination for Paintball Videos on Demand - Paintball enthusiasts, rejoice.


Bevelry Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2007 --Xhaled.com is the one-stop Web site for paintball enthusiasts and those wanting to learn more about the third-fastest extreme sport in America.

Launched in October 2006, Xhaled.com fills a void in the sport of paintball, featuring on-demand videos that feature everything from tips to tournaments; chat rooms to keep players connected; and news about all the latest paintball trends and techniques.

Xhaled also produces “This Week in Paintball,” (TWIP) a bi-weekly, online show all about the world of paintball and featuring news from the National Profession Paintball League (NPPL), Pure Sports Promotion (PSP), Xtreme Paintball Sorts League (XPSL), Scenario Professional Paintball League (SPPL), NXL (X-ball), The Millennium Series, and more.

The first episode of TWIP received more than 800,000 views – demonstrating the interest in paintball and need for news and information about the sport. Currently, Xhaled receives an average of 250,000 page requests per day.

TWIP “Episode #4” will be launched on January 22. With expanded coverage, this episode features in-depth news, major player trades, and techniques even the most seasoned paintball players will appreciate.

“Paintball is has a huge reach, with more than 10 million participants in the U.S., and with the emergence of on-demand technology it was a natural fit to create an online community for the paintball audience,” says Xhaled founder Michael Bowers. “Xhaled has been enthusiastically embraced by hundreds of thousands of people and we continue to provide more content and media to our audience and help move the sport forward.”

Original Programming
Xhaled is hosted by the team of Jasmine Vo, Jingle Rapiz, Shelita Edwards, Glenn Forrester, and Mike Bowers (a.k.a., Coolassmike). The site also features:

• “Tech Talk,” focusing on the technical aspects of paintball;
• “Undercover,” spotlighting one paintball team per month;
• “Chalk Talk,” featuring professional paintball players and coaches as they talk about the sport and their techniques;
• “Paintball Life,” examines the lifestyle of paintball, including celebrity guests, styles and trends.
• “Xhaled Daily Minute,” a new addition to Xhaled, VJ Shelita Edwards provides the day’s highlights from the world of paintball, whether it be the hottest videos featured on Xhaled to tournament results.

This original programming, including TWIP, will be available on a number of on-demand formats, including mobile video, portable video (iPods, etc.) and broadband video. Further, with its exclusive distribution deal with ROK Entertainment (www.rok.tv), these programs will be available via ROK’s ROK FreeBe TV (downloaded to wireless devices), ROK TV (full screen TV on your cell phone), and ROK Online (downloadable content to mobile devices and computers).

About Xhaled
Xhaled’s (www.xhaled.com.) mission is to support and increase the exposure of paintball to an international audience through online and traditional media outlets.