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Capital Group, Sign Globalclear Technology Partnership to Be Licensed by Global Frantech Group

PRIME CAPITAL GROUP, INC., Signs GlobalClear Technology Worldwide Partnership Agreement with GLOBAL FRANTECH GROUP to Market Licenses in 220 countries.


Ahemdabad, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/07/2007 --Prime Capital Group, Inc. signed a GlobalClear Technology Partnership Agreement with Global FranTech Group and FranTech Asia, (FranTech), of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India which FranTech grants the right to Prime Capital Group market GlobalClear Technology licensed programs through FranTech's and Primegate Asia technology network and agents in 220 countries to governments and enterprises around the world.

The company explained that the Prime Capital Group is part of Mesa Financial Group a licensed Investment Bankers with clients for integration of various technologies distribution services into (GlobalClear Technology Enterprise) programs are uniquely suited to meet the needs of GlobalClear Technologies Partner's in emerging growth companies in most countries. Prime Capital Group signed a partnership agreement with GlobalClear Technology Partners and Global FranTech Groupwhich has been in the business directly to change the way government and business use the Technology and Capital Funding for directly assisting emerging growth companies, both domestically and internationally.

Michael Hampton, Chairman of Prime Capital Group Inc., said: "We chose FranTech because of their tremendous geographic reach and proven track record in establishing integration of various technologies in strategic bundling with FranTech and GlobalClear licensing agreements. With more than 35 years of experience,

FranTech knows strategic bundling of technologies, international finance, VC Funding, trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking, and technology research. Its broad expertise, coupled with access to key enterprises and governmental decision makers, provides services uniquely valuable to Prime Capital Group worldwide."

The company explained that FranTech's and Prime Capital's and Mesa Financial Group's mission is to foster the strategic bundling with GlobalClear Systems and its intergration of Primegate, PostEasy,MissionTrust, Open Limitand XRT and other muttually agreed processes in strategic bundling to create new products for worldwide deployment, distribution with project finance, for development of the global economy by providing a GlobalClear Interbank Clearing and Settlement systems in real time to perspective banks, securities dealers, developers, marketers, manufacturers and innovators on newly emerging and preemptive technologies in China and the Pacific Rim. It offers world-class solutions for the licensing and transfer of USA and Global innovations to emerging economies.

Philip Nadeau, CEO of FranTech, said, "We see a tremendous market worldwide with Prime Capital Group (PCG) facilitating the funding and growth of Primegate Asia and GlobalClear Technologies in China, Africa, Australia and Asian regions finance programs for governments and emerging companies and already have interest from several countries. We plan on developing brand name recognition and positioning of the two Group's "Global FranTech Group" and "Prime Capital Group" marketing GlobalClear Technology to many banks, governmental agencies and private companies where we already have relationships in place."

About Prime Capital Group, Inc.

Prime Capital Group's and Mesa Financial Group's breakthrough of this vision for financing in the Pacific Rim began with the research that found that the right Chinese terms and guanrantee's of financing and what would be required to address any root challenges in China to realizing the financing with a global vision with the Chinese partners.

Prime Capital Group is an experienced Global group specializing in transitioning private company's to a listed status to market their technologies.

In addition, Prime Capital Group coordinates private funding for growth orientated companies in the Asian and mainly China regions.

The Prime Capital Group team is comprised of highly ethical experienced professionals with a common goal of agreed outcomes for investors and commercial investor entities in China.

The role of Prime Capital Group is to:
- Assist GlobalClear Technology Partners and Primegate Asia Licensee's to identify technology and investment opportunities requiring private capital in 220 countries;
- Assess the opportunity using a rigorous and concise due diligence process, involving the core Global FranTech and specialist members of its licensed satellite advisory required throughout China;
- .Structure the strategic bundling transactions within agreed time frames, covenants, outcomes and contingency into 220 countries;
- .Actively assist the Chinese company pre/post investment strategic planning, Global governance, ongoing value adding for shareholders;
- .Crystallize Chinese shareholder's outcomes by working Chinese companies to develop depth of market and liquidity to allow vendors to sell down within a controlled environment often in conjunction with attracting institutional registers in China.

"Highly ethical, skilled and experienced Chinese professionals with a common goal of achieving agreed outcome investors and commercial success for PCG global investors"


The Prime Capital Group is experienced in securing from a variety of sources.

Part of Prime Capital Group's service is to assess the project for the most likely and most appropriate method of strategic bundling for funding.

Examples of potential sources of funding include:

1. China's Prime Capital's related listed company (pre-IPO funding)
2. China's Venture Capital funds - we work closely with worldwide institutional and private funds;
3. Overseas stock exchanges; Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
4. Private Investors;
5. Institutional Investors;
6. State and Federal grants;
7. Other semi-government funding sources

In certain cases, funding can also be achieved byway of partnering and/or provision of services at nominal exchange for interest in the Chinese venture.

Our GlobalClear Technology Partners licensed satellite firms create a gateway to potential investments that most small and medium enterprises couldn't access, and the China investment management ensures that the service provided goes well beyond normal services worldwide.

PCG and Primegate Licensed Satellite Network

It is the unique ability of the PCG to determine disciplinary services in a coordinated, professional manner that ensures a major role in the mobilization of this Chinese region.

If you are interested in joining the Prime Capital and Global FranTech network, the first step is to submit a CV and financial to FranTech for consideration.

We demand the highest standards from our licensed satellite particularly in the areas of integrity, competency, professionalism and ethics. Licensed members also need to have a genuine knowledge of worldwide business.

Many of the worldwide projects that Prime Capital Group will deal with will be Venture Development, mezzanine/pre-IPO stage projects that benefit from the Prime Capital Group satellite expertise. We do not impose our PCG team, rather we work with the SME to supplement it's resources. PCG will Globally list companies on Worldwide Stock Exchanges.

With some of the early stage PCG and MFG projects they may provide global services at concessional rates in order to project to the stage where normal, commercial fee starts to be implemented. This will result in increased demand worldwide sooner and in greater volumes than if a PCG and MFG project is not burdened in early stages.

Prime Capital Group will conduct an accreditation licensee training in China with respect of the GlobalClear Technology Partners licensed satellite network upon initial acceptance of new PCG licensed members. Our success is reflected in, and dependent on our level of global services to our worldwide clients from GlobalClear Technology Partners licensed network members in 220 countries.

If you would like to join our PCG licensed satellite network, please send your resume by e-mail to us:

Prime Capital Group strength lies in its Financing, organizational, developmental and analyzing Chinese IPO abilities.

The company has arranged and assisted in major breakthrough Global Financing development. The fields most directly included are IPO's, Investment banking, underwritings and the marketing of financial investment products thru all forms of financial media exposure. Prime Capital Group is uniquely positioned to address the worldwide needs of developing nation’s financial needs development as well as the e-commerce business growth needs of industrial finance nations SME's around the world.

About Global FranTech Group Licensing
FranTech consists of core partners surrounded by interlocking networks of consultants and affiliates in key trading countries and disciplines. They have over thirty-five years of experience with their proven partners. In addition, FranTech has proven track records in strategic bundling, assembling, negotiating and consummating trade, licensing, technological and financial agreements; they pool strengths drawn from experience in international trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking and technology research. This broad expertise, coupled with access to key governmental and business decision makers, provides financial services uniquely valuable to Prime Capital Group (GlobalClear Technology Partners) in the restructuring global economy. Prime Capital Group is pleased to commence a strong working relationship with Global FranTech and GlobalClear Technology Partners.

FranTech's mission is to foster the development of the Global Economy by providing a Global Perspective to investment banking, e-commerce, funding for developers, marketers, manufactures, and innovators of newly emerging and preemptive technologies. They offer world-class solutions for the licensing and transfer of USA innovations to emerging economies in 220 countries worldwide for over thirty-five years.

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Submitted by: Shanker Damodaran,
FranTech Asia, Ltd.