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Tarot Cards and Divination as a Cultural Fact Today


Hawthorn, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2007 --At the risk of being overly simplistic, one can argue that there are two general ways of seeing things in this life: either you believe them or you don't.

Each day, people pledge their life in believing things. From something as trivial as saying that a steaming mug of coffee at the breakfast table exists to something as grand as our belief in God above who created life. For the believers, existence is more than just living out one's life in a routine; for them, life is a spiritual journey for us to discover, solve, and relish.

To believe is to make things real. For ages, humans have believed in the divinity of things and passed on these beliefs through storytelling from one generation, one culture to another. In time, these beliefs have become unsinkable, and our faith unwavering.

Tarot reading is a perfect example of a belief that has been laden with meanings and insights. Tarot readers and psychic alike will readily tell us that tarot cards are more than just a deck of cards. True, the exact origin of tarot cards may be unclear but their earliest reference is their role as a game, a different version of playing cards in 15th century Italy. Nevertheless, tarot card readings' role in both spiritual and psychological terms is quite valuable, even impressive.

For people who take the art and practice of tarot reading as a necessary part of their daily lives, tarot cards hold answers, provide messages, and foretell a slice of the future. The characters in tarot cards are never arbitrary; they have meaning and we can use them to our advantage. Skeptics would argue about the point in believing in a deck of playing cards, but they just missed its point. When people have set their minds on not believing things, then living becomes a mere routine of existence.

We don't take our chances when we consult tarot cards for our luck. Instead we are embracing our own possibilities and potentials. In this context, our desire to know our luck through tarot card translates into our faith, which in turn makes us bigger and stronger. This, in fact, is the wonderful world of divination.

Fortune surely can make a person believe in something bigger than themselves, but the truth is that it cultivates hope and the belief that one can do better. Though we can't change the system of life, we can always change our point of views about it; in fact, everyday is an ongoing opportunity to be reborn. It is our own mind and determination which make it possible for us to grow.

If you want to experience the mystical word of fortunetelling and knowing what your luck might have for your life, if you want to know what your star signs declare about your future in career, love and happiness—it's all up to you. What matters is that you make good use of whatever knowledge that comes your way.

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