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Lost or Deleted iPOD Music and Video Files Can Now Be Quickly Recovered


Hurstville, NSW, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2007 --Accidentally deleted your iPOD files? GetData Software, the world leader in data recovery, has released it’s Recover My iPOD application which recovers your music and video files.

Recover My iPOD works on all iPOD models and can recover a range of files, particularly after the notorious Reset or Restore buttons have been activated at the wrong time.

“While iPOD’s popularity has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon, it’s apparently simple usage has caused frustration and headaches for millions – mostly from failing to carefully read the original instructions,” explained GetData director Graham Henley.

“Now, iPOD owners who’ve seen hundreds of dollars worth of music or video files apparently evaporate into thin air, can link their iPOD to a PC or laptop, and recover all of those files. In almost every case ‘deleted’ files are actually still on the iPOD drive.”

With Recover My iPod software you can:

• Recover music, video and photos: .m4a, .mp3, .mov, quicktime and jpeg file types from your iPod.
• Supports all iPods including: iPod, shuffle, iPod Mini, Nano and other iPod devices.
• Recovers data after an iPod Reset or Restore.
• Recover from iPod "Drive Not Formatted" message or when your iPod is not recognized by your computer.
• Recover My iPod is risk free and will NOT change the contents of the iPod drive being searched.

Recover My iPOD retails from for US$39.95

“iPOD owners should at least read the information about secure and safe use of their iPOD on our site. It could save a lot of pain and heartache. And it would probably be a wise thing to download Recover My iPOD and have it available before what might be a fairly minor hitch becomes a costly disaster,” Mr. Henley added.

System Requirements for Recover My iPOD:

• Operating System: Windows 9X/ME/200X/XP/2003
• RAM: 64 MB recommended
• Hard Disk: At least 6 MB of free disk space

Common scenarios in which files can be lost or deleted:

• “I plugged my iPod into a computer, iTunes started and I watched all the music and files on my iPod suddenly disappear?”
• “I reinstalled Windows, plugged my iPod into a computer, iTunes started and now my songs are all missing?”
• “I connected my iPod to a friends computer, lost my music and now I have my friends music on my iPod.”

In most of these situations iPod recovery is possible.