Textic Ltd.

Talklets TEXTplayer Bring Websites to Life by Making Them Talk

The Talklets TEXTplayer lets the web talk to you - and, if you're a website owner, lets the web talk to your customers. See it work at www.talklets.com. or www.textic.com.


Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2007 --The Talklets TEXTplayer from Textic is the new way to bring the web to life by making websites talk. The Talklets TEXTplayer uses advanced text-to-speech screen reading technology to read web text in a clear, life-like, male or female voice.

- It's easy and fun to use and brings a whole new dimension to web browsing
- Helps with visual stress, dyslexia and other difficulties
- Helps accessibility if English isn't your first language
- Allows you to save content to listen later or move to iPod
- Works immediately on almost any website you visit

- Increases accessibility and availability
- Helps customers for whom English is a second language
- Increases the time people spend on your site and encourages them to return
- Provides a new way to communicate your message
- Creates instant podcasts from RSS feeds
- It's cool and differentiates your site for many others vying for attention
- It's easy to deploy and is an inexpensive rich media addition to your site

The Talklets TEXTplayer is produced by Textic Ltd, part of the Hidden Differences Group. Textic developed the original Textic Toolbar which allows web users to adjust the colours and appearance of websites.

Talklets TEXTplayer for individuals is offered as a subscription service allowing you to activate an easy-to-use speech control toolbar at the bottom of your web browser screen. A FREE Lite account with 30 minutes talk time is available now.

The voices sound incredibly lifelike, and with our educative dictionary technology the system is learning all the -time to further improve its speaking and pronounciation

Talklets will work in most instances but we are constantly seeking to learn about firewalls or security issues that may prevent the audio from being heard. Please contact us if you have problems

Go to www.talklets.com to set up a trial account.. The 'Lite' account is free. Install the launch bar and then log in to listen to the web.

Switch the bar on and then either point to the text you want to read, or click and drag your mouse to highlight and play a larger section of text or save it to MP3 file for later listening. There are some useful visual controls too, allowing text highlight colour and text size to be adjusted to suit your viewing preference.

If 30 minutes isn't enough you can subscribe to a full Talklets account. This starts at just 0.99p (GBP) per month for unlimited talk time and can be used for reading and saving on practically every website you visit. Talk time can be topped up easily if you ever run out and higher useage accounts are available to save having to top up.