Credit Card Rest In Peace (RIP)

Medical Expenses Force American Families to Plummet Into All Time High of Credit Card Debt to Survive

American Families are forced to borrow to survive by charging emergency and basic medical needs, co-pays and uncovered procedures to cover escalating health care costs for those insured---or not on their credit cards.


Newport Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2007 --As a country, the American people spend nearly 90 cents of every healthcare dollar on the last year of a person’s life. This is not the just the elderly, families faced with children born with birth defects or accident victims. The high cost of basic medical care has become a luxury in this free society we pride ourselves of living in---as we secretly close our doors and are afraid to open our credit card bills and be forced to acknowledge our credit card dependency.

Americans financial security is at an all time risk factor and point of no return, as they are forced to use their high interest credit cards to borrow to cover their basic living expenses as medical services escalate. The uncontrollable misfortune of getting sick, or have a family member become ill and the expenses involved, looms in all of our lives.

Credit card debt can ruin a person or a family’s credit, making homeownership impossible, impacting career opportunities, not be able to purchase a car and shadowing every aspect of our lives requiring a credit check.

Credit card companies prey on all of us. This is especially true of the ill and disabled by doubling minimum payments, late payment penalties and skyrocketing interest fees. The medically indebted are more likely to be called by bill collectors than the non-medically indebted.

Americans are forced to turn to alternatives that only harm their financial futures more in the long run such as Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement, Debt Negotiations, Credit Consumer Counseling or Bankruptcy.

“Bankcard companies take advantage of Americans who are vulnerable the most” stated Richard Garcia, Founder of Garcia goes on to say, “ We help American Families eliminate their credit card debt through ethical, moral and completely legal laws passed in congress to protect the consumers through the “Truth And Lending Laws, Fair Credit Billing And Reporting Acts, US Code of Federal Regulations, Usury law and many more to assert their rights and protect them and their credit financial future. Our program educates Americans as to how they can reclaim their credit lives and stop legally paying their credit cards and restore their credit scores.

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