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Transfer Your Visual Basic Projects into Modern Development Environments


Moscow, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2007 --Microsoft Visual Basic gained great popularity, mostly due to the ease of development in the handy environment offered by Microsoft. If your company has used Visual Basic for developing software for many years, by now you have probably accumulated thousands and thousands of lines of Visual Basic code.

Unfortunately, Microsoft no longer supports the 'classic' Visual Basic 6.0. With the release of the brand new .NET platform and the updated Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft has made all VB6 developments incompatible and obsolete.

Or has it?

StressSoft Company Ltd offers a powerful solution to transfer all legacy Visual Basic 6.0 projects into a modern development environment of your choice. Its VBto Converter automatically converts your VB6 projects, complete with all source code and forms, into solutions that can be immediately opened with modern development environments.

But what if you want to go beyond Visual Basic and concentrate your efforts towards C# or C++? Or what if you decide to migrate away from Microsoft development tools, and use a Borland environment instead?

VBto is a truly unique tool as it does not limit you to just one language or development environment. VBto allows conversion to virtually any programming language supported by the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio. Your old code can be converted into a Visual Basic .NET, C# .NET, J# .NET, Visual C++ .NET, or even Visual C++ MFC project that will be recognized by the latest versions of Microsoft development tools. VBto even makes your VB6 code platform independent, supporting conversion to Borland C++ Builder 6.0 and Borland Delphi 6.0.

Save time and efforts while migrating to a new development platform! VBto does more than convert your Basic code to .NET, C++ or Pascal. It takes a complete Visual Basic project, and transfers all its procedures, events, forms and resources into a new format, integrating the code and resources so that they form a complete project recognizable by the target environment.

VBto is a powerful and affordable tool for anyone.

If you have just one or a few Visual Basic projects that you need to migrate, a basic Light Time license (available for only $89 for up to two PCs) will work through the migration process, yet, it will expire after two months. This license allows VBto to convert your VB6 projects into a single target language of your choice.

If you plan to keep VBto for a longer time, a Light license does not expire, and allows for up to three PCs for $229. If you know exactly what language and platform you are migrating to, this license might be right for you.

For unlimited conversion of your VB6 code into any of the seven target languages and platforms supported by VBto, StressSoft Company Ltd offers a Corporate License for $599 and allows using VBto on up to five PCs in your organization.

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