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WinFlash Educator Version 10 Embraces Unicode


Silverthorne, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2007 --Open Window Software's newest release of WinFlash Educator now offers Unicode capability in its affordable Windows-based flashcard learning system. With this latest upgrade of the proven WinFlash computer-based training (CBT) program, you now have powerful new Unicode tools to enhance your learning experience. Achieve faster recognition of key facts by using mixed fonts and font effects – bold, italic, underline, highlighting and many more. Unicode support offers the largest assortment of possible characters within any font. Students of Asian languages have access to the full range of characters available for language study. Math and physics students can use the required Greek symbols and biology and chemistry majors the new sub- and super-script effects now available.

WinFlash’s Unicode upgrade cements Educator’s position as the leader in academic study/testing and home schooling applications. Educator’s flexible learning system helps you quickly master any memory-intensive subject – from simple alphabet drills and arithmetic tables through advanced studies in languages, sciences, medicine, law and technology. Unlike other flashcard programs, Educator’s full range of functionality combines study, feedback, testing and documentation all in one user-friendly program.

Also new in Version 10, through our continuing association with Flashcard Exchange, Educator enables you to more easily use content from this vast library of study material. Files downloaded from Flashcard Exchange can now be directly opened in Educator with no extra importation steps. Save precious data-entry time and effort by using ready-made study files. Become a member of Flashcard Exchange and have instant access to over 6 million ready-to-use flashcards.

Open Window continues its relationship with HandyMed, creator of HandyCards for your PDA. Both Educator and HandyCards utilize the proven Leitner Box System, which enables you to customize the learning approach for your optimal study efficiency. The HandyCards program on your PocketPC device lets you use the SAME card files that you're reviewing on the PC with WinFlash Educator, and vice versa. Using the text-to-speech export feature, you can send your files to any mp3 player for audio review. These winning combos convert those on-the-go idle moments (waiting in line, commuting to work, time between classes) to productive study time.

For even faster mastery of WinFlash Educator's versatile functionality, we’ve rewritten the program's step-by-step tutorial for V10. Complete the first session in a few minutes and start creating valuable text-only files right away. Study these at your computer, export them to a Palm, PocketPC or mp3 player or print them out in a variety of sizes for use on the go.

Already have your material in another computer-readable form? Use Educator's user-configurable import capability to quickly create study and test files and printed cards from your existing content.

If you're a teacher or corporate trainer wishing to create an engaging study aid for your class, you'll be pleased with the assortment of tools Educator offers. Support your basic content with audio files, graphics and video clips and embedded Windows objects (include an Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Equation Editor equation). Choose from standard, fill-in, multiple choice, true/false and yes/no question formats. Educator supports multiple-required-answer modes for BOTH fill-in and multiple choice questions. If you're a language teacher, that means automatically graded tests of verb conjugation. Wouldn't that be a time saver!? With V10, the floating character insertion tool now makes it easy to enter the entire Unicode range of characters needed for foreign language study, speeding both creation and study phases. Built-in spell-checking and thesaurus support can even import your existing Microsoft custom dictionaries. Additional foreign-language and specialty dictionaries are available for free download.

Whether you’re a teaching professional or home schooling parent, you can create a full set of files for study of a given subject and then easily generate computer-administered tests from these same files. Select specific questions or randomly draw a few from each category. Combine material from multiple files for study or testing and use Educator's precise filtering mechanism to combine specific material from several files for use in a "theme" test or study project. Educator will also print paper versions of any test you wish to administer in written form.

All of these powerful capabilities are supported by Educator's easy-to-follow tutorial. Master advanced program features as you build examples with the guidance of the enhanced tutorial.

Fully functional evaluation versions are available for download from Open Window Software's web site at In addition to the on-line Help, support is available via the Internet. Educator runs on Windows '9x, ME, NT, 2K, XP and Vista.

Evaluation Copy Available on Request

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