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Displaced Men Say Preparation Is Key Day #6

Demonstration suggests survival possible anywhere with proper tools. UPDATE DAY 6


New Orleans, LA and Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2007 --6 days after beginning their survival kit demonstration on the streets of New Orleans two Utah businessmen declare success for their product demonstration.

Derek Christensen, Director of Sales & Marketing and demonstration participant, “We couldn’t be more pleased that our preparation and research resulted in success.” Geoffrey Power, the other participant added, “Six days is a long time and I can’t imagine not having been prepared.”

Food for Health, International – a Utah based nutritional & emergency preparedness company developed the survival bucket for one of its discount retailers. “We actually put a lot of time and research into providing an comprehensive preparation tool. We sent our sales and marketing team to Louisiana to demonstrate it’s effectiveness,” quoted Frank Davis, CEO.

Derek Christensen and Geoffrey Power spent the last six days surviving out of the 2-person 6-day in 1-bucket emergency kit. Kits have been available since late last year at selected retailers or online. Their activity was documented by a camera crew and also on the website.

Day one - Christensen and Power found a small park in Metairie to prepare meals and clean-up. Shelter was found in a parking garage and both slept in the car.
Day two – Too cold to sleep outside – slept in rental car again. During day we toured Katrina devastation and French Quarter. Store managers for Sam’s Club in Kenner and Metairie to carry products this weekend. Got water from stagnant pool by old university.
Day three – still sleeping in car – weather unseasonably cold. Food holding up – interviews with locals determine ability to get water key to survival.
Day four – food and fuel holding out. Water is also easy to find. Interview with SuperDome staff tomorrow.
Day five – during interview, local survivors are amazed at the effectiveness of water filtration system.
Day six – all systems and tools functioned as designed. Looking forward to a soft bed and an authentic Cajun meal.

Questions and interview requests can be directed directly to Dave Christensen at Food for Health Headquarters at 801-765-4663 (office) 801-592-1244 (Cell).

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