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Print Your Own Color Product Labels In House With The LX810 And New LX400 Color Printers.

No plate charges, no huge equipment to buy. Print your own small run custom color labels in house and make a professional impact on your customers. Find out how to inexpensively produce color barcode labels, product branding labels, and shipping labels that are water resistant and either semi gloss or high gloss right from your desk top.


Lake Forest, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2007 --Plates and setup charges are a thing of the past. Say you have 10 products that all have a 3 inch x 5 inch colorful product label with different images and text on all of them but you only need about 400 labels of each. Going to a label manufacturer will cost you a fortune in plates and setup fees for such a short run of each label. Most label manufacturers will even charge a color change and plate change charge even if you run all 10 versons together. In the past the only option was to print the labels on an office laser printer with laser label sheets. This provides sub par quality impacting the image needed for the product.

The new LX400 color label printer from Primera is your answer. This printer sets up in minutes and comes with all the software you need to get started on making professional looking color labels for products you want to market. Importing logos and graphics work with a click of the mouse. Adding text and sales content is as easy as typing on your keyboard. Hit print and you can have 1-5,000 labels print in no time at all right on your desk.

The LX400 uses the latest in high resolution inkjet technology to print bright full color product labels right in your office or production facility. The LX400 print resolution is 4800 dpi and has a media width range of 1" - 4.25 by 24" long. This color label printer can use fanfolded labels or roll labels on a 2" core with a 5" maximum outer diameter.

The LX400 provides professional quality results with many applications including labels for gourmet foods, wine and water bottles, personal care, natural products, and more. There are a wide variety of substrates including water resistant labels. This printer comes with NiceLabel SE so you can get up and running quickly.

Primera has just launched the LX400 color label printer and it is available at where you will find the printer, labels, ink, and support. If your in-house label needs require a larger media range, the Primera LX810 is also available at providing the same great print quality and features with a much larger media range.

Contact Joe Mullins for more information about the upgrade. Direct line: (847) 235-2700 Email: More information can be found at the website.