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RAM Technologies Announces HEALTHsuite® Database Enhancement

RAM Technologies has announced their plans to incorporate the pureXML version of IBM's DB2 database into the HEALTHsuite claims management application.


Fort Washington, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2007 --RAM Technologies, Inc., an independent software vendor providing advanced applications for healthcare claims management and back office administration, has announced their plan to incorporate version 9 of IBM’s DB2 universal database into their HEALTHsuite® solution. Version 9 is the XML edition of IBM’s advanced relational database. This release maximizes data storage capabilities and improves overall system performance.

The integration of DB2 pureXML with HEALTHsuite will provide benefits that will differentiate HEALTHsuite from the competition, provide substantial performance improvements, and reduce development time and costs. Some examples of these benefits include:

• Supporting changes to X12 and other HIPAA standards with little or no programming because of DB2 9’s support of XML schema evolution.
• Improved performance
o Storing claims by eliminating the need to shred the XML claim for storage in relational tables
o Querying claims by utilizing DB2 9’s optimized indexing of XML documents
o Passing claim data to other applications by eliminating the need to retrieve the data and then publish it back into an XML format
• Adding new functionality to HEALTHsuite by utilizing DB2 9 to integrate XML data with existing relational data
• Reduced development time and costs associated with DB2 9 to:
o Validate XML data
o Publish XML data
o Query XML data using either SQL/XML or Xquery
o Query and integrate relational and XML data in a single query statement

This combined solution offers a unique feature allowing HEALTHsuite users to retrieve and view original X12 837 claims for auditing and compliance. DB2 9’s pureXML storage and support for SQL/XML and Xquery enables optimized storing of the original claim in its XML format and quick retrieval for presentation by HEALTHsuite.

DB2 Version 9 marks the culmination of a five-year IBM development project that transformed traditional, static database technology into an interactive, vibrant data server that merges the high performance and ease of use of DB2 with the flexible, self-describing benefits of XML. Version 9 reduces risk of unauthorized access with an innovative label based security model and maximizes data availability by reducing planned and unplanned downtime. Additionally, Version 9 simplifies everyday tasks of installation, maintenance, backup and restore, administration, utility scheduling, tuning and operation and storage administration.

“IBM’s DB2 product is the most robust relational database on the market. With the incorporation of the XML functionality into RAM’s HEALTHsuite solution our clients will realize even greater performance and security,” states Rob Tulio, President of RAM Technologies. “Streamlining system performance in the administration of healthcare claims is just one of the factors that set RAM’s solutions ahead of the competition.”

HEALTHsuite is a comprehensive administrative solution designed for health plans and other health care organizations. Companies looking for superior claims management functionality and maximum return on investment appreciate the streamlined operational processes and user-friendly interfaces that HEALTHsuite has to offer. Rich in features HEALTHsuite deploys the most advanced internet-based technologies. These technologies ensure improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity. In addition, the browser-based, open architecture is fully scalable to support exponential growth and the rules based engine provides the ultimate flexibility in meeting the demands of the healthcare environment.

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