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ALM Works Releases Interactive Desktop Client for JIRA Issue Tracker

JIRA Client, an interactive interface for JIRA Issue Tracker, lets users save time and work with issues anywhere through the use of Offline Mode, Powerful Search and more


St.Petersburg, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2007 --ALM Works today announces the release of JIRA Client 1.0, the first version of a handy desktop client for Atlassian JIRA issue tracking and project management system. This client offers interactive user interface, powerful search, offline mode and other capabilities that expand JIRA functionality to organize issue tracking for more convenience and efficiency.

According to Igor Sereda, the founder of ALM Works, the concept behind JIRA Client is to make issue tracker a more powerful and, at the same time, more easy-to-use tool. "JIRA Client is a valuable companion for frequent JIRA users," says Mr. Sereda. "The program has powerful search capabilities and unique hierarchical organization of search filters, which let you immediately grasp project state and concentrate on the work to be done. Thanks to JIRA Client caching issues on your hard drive, you can now search, create and modify issues when JIRA server is not available - during business trips or on-site with a customer. And interactive interface saves your time that otherwise would be spent on browsing web pages."

It's Now Possible to Work with Issues Away from the Network

JIRA Client downloads issues from JIRA and stores them in a local cache, allowing users to view and edit issues regardless of server's availability. Any changes that are not marked "draft" are uploaded to JIRA whenever the server is reachable. JIRA Client also periodically polls server for changes and download new or modified issues. These changes are automatically reflected on the JIRA Client's interface - in issue counters and issue tables.

More Powerful and Structured Search Improves Issue Tracking

JIRA Client has powerful search with complete Boolean logic processor, which allows users to build any combination of filters, grouped by AND, OR and NOT operations. JIRA Client also lets each user organize search queries into hierarchy: when a "child" query is run, the results of its "parent" are taken, and the query's filter is applied to them.

Each downloaded query is displayed along with an issue counter, which shows the number of issues that pass the query's filter. This feature provides users with an immediate and customizable perspective on the project state and lets them quickly find out what they were working on last time.

Neatly Organized Issues Allow to Concentrate on Work to Be Done

JIRA Client shows an issue list and selected issue's details on the same screen, allowing users to quickly browse through issues without losing context. It's possible to work with multiple lists of issues at the same time. Linked issues may be arranged into a hierarchy. For example, if issues table contains duplicate issues, all duplicates may be positioned "under" their original issue.

JIRA Client may be used to update issues and to submit new issues. Links between issues may be created by dragging "source" issues and dropping them over "target" issues, or by using copy-and-paste operation. JIRA Client makes it easy to apply workflow actions to a number of issues, move one or more issues to another project or reassign them.

Pricing and Availability

JIRA Client corporate license price is $169 per user. ALM Works also offers floating, academic and personal licenses. JIRA Client is free for use in open-source projects. All customers are entitled to free lifetime patches and minor updates, and to limited-time technical support and major upgrades.

JIRA Client 1.0 runs under Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, Linux and Apple Mac OS X 10.4. The client is compatible with Atlassian JIRA version 3.3 or later, any edition.

JIRA Client downloads and free time-limited evaluation is available from the product web site: