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Smart Cars of Americas Independent Observation and Clarification on The Redesigned 2007 Smart Fortwo and Safety Concerns

The Smart Fortwo has passed all European safety tests and car is said to be getting a four star safety rating. Smart Cars of Americas observations on the redesigned 2007 Smart Fortwo and safety concerns


belleair, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2007 --Smart Cars of America believes that an educational phase and an informative course of action, along with dealer input and manufactures data can reassure the American driving public that when the Smart Fortwo goes on sale here it will be one of the safer small cars available.

"Passenger safety, our environment and our budget should be the most important factors for all car buyers, said Max Fisher, of Smart Cars of America. Mr. Fisher added, "We want everyone to make a knowledgeable and informed decision, when buying that next new clever car, environmental safety should be paramount on everyone's minds, vehicle emissions affect our long term well being and health, which in turn endangers everyone's safety."

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety spokesman Russ Raider was quoted as saying he couldn't comment on the ForTwo, as his organization hasn't crash tested it yet, but he said "small cars are at an inherent disadvantage when they're hit by larger ones." Mr. Raider also said "you can never make a small car as safe as a bigger, heavier one." and calls the agility argument "an urban myth."

S.L. Johnston, President of Smart Cars of America holds a different view, "I'm by no means a safety expert. However I know that active and passive safety are two academic basics to all vehicle safety issues. We believe that a tiny vehicle can be as safe as and at times, more of a safety measure than a large car."

Russ Raider further said that "electronic stability system is the real hero!" "There are very few safety technologies that are in the same league as electronic stability control. And there really are only two other ones, and those are safety belts and airbags. Everything else is fluff."

Johnston continued, "The Smart has many cool wow features, but comes standard with a electronic stability system, three-point seat belts and improved airbags, along with H7 headlights featuring projection system and innovative head/thorax side airbags offering all-embracing protection in case of a side collision is available as an option."

The current Smart Fortwo being manufactured incorporates safety measures found mostly on higher end vehicles, all proved to save lives and produce less injury. We recognize the all new and redesigned Smart Fortwo to be one of the safest smaller motor vehicles available.

A safe motor vehicle by definition is one that affords superior safeguards from injury for all occupants. The Smart has pasted all European safety tests, which many say are superior to U.S.A. standards and is said to be getting a four star safety rating.

More than 42,000 deaths occurred on U.S roadways in 2006 and fifty-five percent of all deaths were unbelted and 16,972 fatalities were alcohol-related.

Driving knowledge and education plays a significant dynamic in influencing the safety of any vehicle. According to NHTSA motor vehicle accidents were the leading cause of death of people between the ages of four and 34 in the United States.

Redesigned from the tires up to its roof, the Smart is more comfortable, more agile, and greener than its predecessor and most importantly will be a safe car.

A reinforced steel Tridion safety cell encases the two passengers. The safety cell absorbs the impact force of the oncoming motor vehicle or immobile object. Even under heavy-duty force, there's nothing to pierce the passenger cell and plastic panels will not splinter.

The higher positioning of the seats the passengers are usually beyond the direct exposure zone on side impact, and the driver has a better view, the steering column has been designed to retract telescopically upon impact. The motor is designed to protect passengers. The wheels take in impact and doors have integrated side-impact resistant aluminum struts.

So, always buckle-up, adjust your mirrors, don't drive impaired and drive smart.

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