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Bella’s Cookies Releases 2007 All Natural & Organic Valentine’s Day Lineup


Milton, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2007 --Whether it’s cards, candy, cookies, jewelry, dinner, dancing, or a quiet night at home, consumers are quickly making Valentine’s Day a “hot holiday.” In 2006, the average consumer spent $101 on Valentine’s Day (up from the previous two years); in 2007, it’s estimated $14 billion will be spent on various types of gifts, with men once again leading the way in purchases. For Bella’s Cookies of Milton, current trends in retail purchasing along with company history are how Bella’s plan their annual Valentine’s Day specials.

A quick list of the most often purchased items on Valentine’s Day will show that cards rank first (62%), then flowers (52% decreasing), sweets/confections (47%) and jewelry (22% increasing). Spouses or significant others are the most often purchased for, while family members, friends, teachers and co-workers follow thereafter. “Over the past week, we’ve been monitoring traffic to our website, and page views to our Holiday Cookies are increasing,” said Mark Leishear (Director of Sales & Marketing for Bella’s Cookies) “people are getting into their Valentine’s Day mindset.” One of the most commonly viewed categories on is the “Holiday Cookies” section. On select holidays throughout the year, Bella’s bakes a select lineup of all natural & organic holiday cookies that bring back memories of childhood. National online purchasing trends combined with purchasing habits from customers of previous years are the two major influences on what Bella’s Cookies offers as their holiday specials.

Research from both Bella’s and 2006’s national data show that men are the biggest gift givers on Valentine’s Day, as well as middle-aged consumers & those who give “friendly gifts”(office worker/school teacher/etc). Catering to those groups is apparent in this year’s Valentine’s specials from Bella’s. Their premier gift for 2007 is a flower-cookie pop arrangement called the “Garden of Eatin”. 9 heart shaped cookies (a mix of Champion Chunk & the Woo-Woo) are arranged in fabric lined wicker basket and decorated with greenery. The garden sells for $34.99. Also new this year is a heart-shaped all natural & organic cheesecake (available with an organic cherry topping), rosewater thins, debutantes, and other assorted gift arrangements. Consumers age 45-54 are typically the most generous when giving gifts on Valentine’s Day, spending on average $129 each. For those who put off finding their Valentine’s Day gift, Bella’s posts an “in-by-date”, which allows customers to pick from their full range of products, up to a certain date. “After that date has passed, orders are subject to what’s in stock,” said Leishear.

A recent CNN/Money (12/22/06 poll showed that 75% of men and women with a significant other are expecting a Valentine’s Day gift this year. With only a few weeks left until the “Day of Romance,” pre-planners are getting ready now. “After Valentine’s Day, we get a little break from the special cookies… the holidays are a great time for new tasty treats, but from a production side, it can get pretty crazy.”

Bella's Cookies is Delaware's 1st All Natural & Organic Cookie Company specializing in the aforementioned as well as Vegan & Holiday Cookies. Cookies can be ordered online at or can be purchased at various retail locations throughout Delaware & Maryland. They can be reached by phone at 302-684-8152.